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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Chelsea Jazz Club Gone?

I have a question, does anyone know what has happened to the Chelsea Jazz Club? I went over for a look and it’s now a Piano shop. It didn’t really get a chance to take off did it, it had dj’s working at strange times (well to Europe anyway, 4pm in the afternoon when peopler were still at work) and it could have been so nice, people want somewhere they can go for romantic evenings and the chance to wear some gowns and tux’s. With the right décor inside and the sort of music that Bogarts or Phat Cat’s play, it could have been really popular for couples and people hoping to meet someone.

Is it being relocated? Has it closed completely? If you know let us know.
Janey Bracken


rails said...

I submitted my resignation to the London Sim owner, simple reason being I had a block of land that I hadn't touched for twelve months, was paying top tier on it, and decided it was time I got it up and running, in addition I needed to get back in the mentor fray and start getting back into what affects all of SL, not just the London sims.

I could not give all the time needed to London or the chelsea sim, and that was not fair to Debs, so I resigned from the London Sims.

I am still willing to build for the Londons sims if they want to use those skills, but a full time commitment is not possible.

To all the folks I have come to know and respect in the London Sims, well friendships formed are never truly forgotten and I do pop in from time to time in my capacity as a SL Mentor and assist new residents at the Hyde Park Gateway


Anonymous said...

I hope that the Jazz Club is resurrected. It's a great idea with unlimited possibilities for success.

Anonymous said...

Well if Rails is too modest (surely not) you can find a new Jazz Club at
Waterfront Blues & 7Seas Fishing, Goondi (150, 121, 21)

a coincidence, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

i have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of assholes in my time, you tho hon sit on the complete opposite end of that spectrum, a rarety in the virtual world, wish you all the best rails, hugs, x

rails said...

The Waterfront Blues club is on the land that has been sitting idle for too long, it wasnt my modesty that prevented me from mentioning the venue, more a case of, this blog is about London sims, it people and its events.

Thanks for the comments Rob

Anonymous said...

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't build for london my god look at chelsea you killed it some poor sod got to go and sort it out now.