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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Best In Show on Wednesday

You may have thought that all the excitement of VLFW was over in SL Kensington, well Debs Regent has more surprises up her sleeve and you won't want to miss this! To quote her webpage:

"watch this space, because this is not the end. On Wednesday 30th September VLFW09 finishes the month off with a ‘Best Of Show’, which not only includes footage of some of the highlights of the show, but also includes more top designers’ collections and exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ real live interviews with designers (and others who will be revealed later) from behind the real catwalk at the London Fashion Week event in the real world, as sponsored by Canon."

I am hoping that designers Maria Grachvogel, Savannah Miller and Sienna Miller will be giving us an insight into how they thought their virtual cat-walk shows went and I am looking forward to seeing who may be entering Virtual London next to show their collections!
Janey Bracken

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