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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Virtually London (lite) - Final Post

I have some sad news, well sad for me and I’m sure for Hibiscus, Ed and not forgetting Pixi. Virtually London (lite) will finish today, I have enjoyed bringing the Virtual London news to you, and it’s been great fun over the last 18 months or so. There will be bigger Magazines, no doubt, brought in to cover what is going on in the London sims, so we are bowing out. I will be able to relax being in Virtual London as a visitor for a change, without the worry of tomorrow’s deadline.

The good news is that Hib, Ed, Pixi and I will continue with ‘Our Virtual Trilogy’ and who knows, we might even have the odd London story from time to time, as we love the virtual capital.

I want to thank all our readers who have travelled this wonderful journey with us, and I hope to see you in the Underground Club or Mayhem Club sometime.

Janey Bracken

Queen Tribute Concert in SL Knightsbridge

I had great news from Knightsbridge Manager Brie Janick the other day, there is to be a Queen tribute band concert in Knightsbridge. Brie told me that it is provisionally booked for the 17th October, so make a note in your diary!! Contact Brie in-world for further details.
Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Chelsea Jazz Club Gone?

I have a question, does anyone know what has happened to the Chelsea Jazz Club? I went over for a look and it’s now a Piano shop. It didn’t really get a chance to take off did it, it had dj’s working at strange times (well to Europe anyway, 4pm in the afternoon when peopler were still at work) and it could have been so nice, people want somewhere they can go for romantic evenings and the chance to wear some gowns and tux’s. With the right d├ęcor inside and the sort of music that Bogarts or Phat Cat’s play, it could have been really popular for couples and people hoping to meet someone.

Is it being relocated? Has it closed completely? If you know let us know.
Janey Bracken

Pirate Party at Garden Cafe

'Ahoy, there me hearties, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!'

On Sunday night, scurvy dog pirate Captain Torric Rodas and his lily livered crew transfomed VL Mayfair's Garden Cafe into a pirate hideaway complete with creaking galleon, yarrr. Amid much swashbucklin, plankwalkin and frolics in Davy Jones locker, VL London residents and visitors, resplendant in pirate garb, had a mighty enjoyable time, aye. Music be streamed by DJ Billy Arentire an 'Shiver me timbers', a booty chest of 500 lindens be awarded for best costumes, arrr, the winners be SarahKB7 best wench, and matey H3x.

Ed Follet

Monday, 28 September 2009

FOTE09 Streamed to Virtual Kensington

A conference called the Future of Technology in Education (FOTE09) is taking place this Friday, 2nd October (from 9.30am to 5.00pm UK time) at the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington. London, the organisers have secured the Ondaatje Theatre for the day’s presentations. It is all about the future of technology in education and there will be some leading technology organisations and academics taking part from the United Kingdom. It looks as if a huge amount of tickets have already been sold for this special event.

If you are unable to secure a place at the FOTE09 or cannot travel there because of your location, do not despair, Debs Regent of Virtually Linked and owner of Virtual London has arranged to stream a livecast of the event to virtual Kensington, so if you are in-world you can view it for free. This is a valuable conference for those who wish to learn about how technology can aid future generations in education, and one not to be missed.
(Logo by courtesy of University of London Computer Centre (ULCC)

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Best In Show on Wednesday

You may have thought that all the excitement of VLFW was over in SL Kensington, well Debs Regent has more surprises up her sleeve and you won't want to miss this! To quote her webpage:

"watch this space, because this is not the end. On Wednesday 30th September VLFW09 finishes the month off with a ‘Best Of Show’, which not only includes footage of some of the highlights of the show, but also includes more top designers’ collections and exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ real live interviews with designers (and others who will be revealed later) from behind the real catwalk at the London Fashion Week event in the real world, as sponsored by Canon."

I am hoping that designers Maria Grachvogel, Savannah Miller and Sienna Miller will be giving us an insight into how they thought their virtual cat-walk shows went and I am looking forward to seeing who may be entering Virtual London next to show their collections!
Janey Bracken

Sascha's Designs

Some might say that this would have been the hardest spot to fill in the Virtual London Fashion Week calendar, and it just might have been. It was the first slot of the Finale on Friday and it was to be followed by the real life designer’s collections being shown in-world for the first time. So who could blame any SL designer for being a little nervous as she waited to show her collection to the audience in the packed out sim of SL Kensington. Well I have no idea how Sascha Frangilli felt, but she need not have worried, her Sascha’s Designs collection was absolutely stunning! I have always loved her gowns and Sascha gave us a show to remember.

Starting with the cutest of bright red mini dresses, but still with that chic feel, the first model looked ready for a great night out, this dress would look good for a party or a nice cosy meal in a posh restaurant. The next two dresses were a variation of the mini, but with lovely full skirts, falling just below the knee and looking very swish. The colours too were lovely shades, the soft Latte would flatter anyone’s complexion and the light blue spoke of summer days in the sunshine and cocktails on the yacht.

There was almost a harem feel to the sweet two-piece outfit with the tight red bodice and sexy long blue skirt, and I think the men would appreciate this one on their girlfriends.

I loved the rich royal blue evening dress, the long silky skirt with its subtle pattern was gorgeous. A full skirted emerald gown was equally stunning, the full skirts with the viole overskirts catching the light to show the satin underskirts so effectively.

Sascha’s excellent speaker, Piper Hanriot wore a beautiful lilac gown with its beaded, embroidered bodice and skirt sparkling on the catwalk. We were treated to this gown in gold and silver as well, and it would be a hard choice to pick just the one dress to buy, I think you would need them all (well that’s my excuse!).

The next model had an elegant gown with rich tapestry texture and a shoulder wrap making a lovely neckline feature, we saw this in a soft coffee shade and also without the shoulder wrap in a rich ruby red, which I adored.

Sascha’s Designs were brilliant and just right to start the Finale, her gowns would grace any occasion and she is one of SL’s finest designers.

Janey Bracken


Thursday of Virtual London Fashion Week was a walk on the wild side with the designs of Ezura Xue of Ezura. Ezura creates vintage, steampunk, goth and fantasy clothing that is sleek, sexy and more than a little bit dangerous. After the introduction by shaza Denver the audience knew it was time to STRAP themselves in for a ride beyond your inhibitions.

Things got off to a fiery start when model Naiya Kazyanenko appeared wearing the “Feilung Dragon” full body tattoo in red. Dragons wound themselves sinuously up and down Naiya’s body, emphasizing her shape.

Maribel Penucca then took to the runway wearing an outfit named “Captain Debello”, which comes complete with hat, short skirt in opaque and sheer, choker and cape. Maribel looked ready to take command.

Delacroix Constantine followed in a display of black fabric and chains, complemented with a hood and tall boots. The outfit was called “Apocalyptic”, which can mean “affording a revelation” and was certainly the case here.

Naiya returned to the stage in a black leather outfit of vest, pants and gloves. Maribel came next in a teal coloured brocade outfit that was accessorized with steampunk goggles. Delacroix appeared in a sexy black lace up vest, short and flippy black skirt and thigh high boots.

Then a “Wicked Lolita” appeared before the audience. This was probably the most striking outfit shown. Worn by Naiya, it consisted of a black skirt accented with red, a black waist cincher, red bustier and black top hat. The skirt had what appeared to be knife-like extensions poking out from under the hem, and Naiya herself had a chalky white face with bright red lips.

Maribel followed in “Twilight”, quiet, mysterious, dark, it embodied the shadowy period just before nightfall. Delacroix stepped onto the stage wearing “La Dolce”, done in silvery-grey tones and finally Naiya appeared wearing an erotic steampunk ensemble called “Pecadillo”, made up of corset, bustier, garters, top hat and half skirt in shades of brown.

Maribel made her final appearance wearing “Fuego Velvet and Lace”, a dress with a red bodice edged in fine black lace, black bolero jacket and long black partially see-through lace skirt, a quietly seductive ensemble.

Delacroix ended the night wearing a steampunk outfit which included a brown bustier, short skirt exposing garters and hose, all in brown, and a tightly fitting white jacket over all. She chose to accessorize with a black choker and black lace half-mask. Mysterious and inviting at the same time.

Ezura Xue’s clothing is detailed and versatile, appropriate for all moods from murmuringly seductive to explicitly sensual.

Hibiscus Hastings

Ranena Olivier Couture

The second show on contemporary designer day was R.O.C designed by Ranena Olivier. Ranena Olivier became involved in Second Life fashion in October, 2008 and opened her own shop in January, 2009. After seeing the designs in her show it is hard to believe that she is just coming up to her first anniversary in the fashion trade in SL. Her clothing is luxurious and sophisticated; there is frequently a strong sense of contrast in Olivier’s use of colour or black and white.

Wenadrenia Soderstrom began the show in an ivory silk evening pantsuit, with a sheer top finished with ruffles at the neck and sleeves. Katherine Comet followed wearing a red raw silk pantsuit with silk ribbons crisscrossing the jacket and embellishing the lower leg of the pant. Sabine Mortenwald then took to the runway in an outfit called “Gold Rush”. No doubt this name was inspired by the bright yellow sweater with little black bows running down the front. Included in the ensemble is a long pair of black pants, as was shown, and also a pair of cropped pants, adding versatility. The final day to evening outfit was worn by Emma Portilo. This outfit, called “Tiramisu”, was shown in vibrant blue. The outfit worn on the runway had a cropped jacket and high waisted skirt, but also comes with high waisted pants.

The rest of the show was devoted to evening wear. Katherine was first out wearing a champagne coloured gown, with a close fitting jewelled bodice and multi-layered silk skirt; the material floated and swirled around like the petals of a beautiful ivory peony opening one on top of another. Sabine came next in a gown with a black lace top and brilliant red skirt. After this was a suit suitable for cocktail wear and worn by Wenadrenia. It consisted of a short sleeved black and white jacket worn with a wide black leather belt and elbow length gloves. The skirt was knee length and Wenadrenia chose to accessorize with black fishnet hose and lace-up ankle boots. The whole look was sleek and had an edge.

The next dress, on Emma, was slim fitting and floor length, done in a beautiful purple fabric. All the drama was in the back which had a very deep v. There were ruffles around the wrist and hem of the dress. This dress is available in cocktail length as well.

Then all eyes were on Wenadrenia, who commanded attention in a screaming red dress with a low cut front and back, as well as a thigh high slit in the skirt.
To cool things down a little, the next gown was in a fresh aqua colour, and appropriately called the “Mint Julep”, perfect for languorous afternoons relaxing with stylish company, laughing and chatting, while sipping chilled cocktails.

The last outfit was worn by Emma Portilo, a closely fitting dress made of a black on black fabric, with ruffled cuffs done in contrasting silver.

R.O.C. by Ramena Olivier is a chic and stylish collection with outfits for any occasion.

Hibiscus Hastings

London's Burning

In Penny lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a picture of the Queen
He likes to keep his fire engine clean
It’s a clean machine.

Spotted in the Hyde Park sand box on Saturday afternoon practising drills were VL London volunteer fire fighters Gerr Finesmith and Totosos Crannock. London residents can sleep soundly knowing that should they have an emergency it will be dealt with effectively. The pair should also be complimented, in the words of the Beatle song, for keeping a very clean and shiny fire engine.

Ed Follet

Saturday, 26 September 2009

In Event Manager Ruskin's Own Words.......

Ladies and Gentlmen what an evening! WHAT an evening! I can’t believe its all over! And all I can say right now is THAT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!

What a week it has been – we’ve had Ball gowns and Bikinis, Victoriana and Medieval, Clubwear to High class couture!

You know they say “Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

but…. BEFORE we conclude this year’s show, and have our final party …. I have to say a few words of thanks to the INCREDIBLE team I’ve had working with me… and please help me thank them with many appreciative gestures!!!!

Firstly - there too many to mention individually – OUR RUNWAY MODELS – who all wear the VLFW DIVA tag – you have ALL been magnificent! They’ve worked so hard to make the shows come to life – show them your appreciation for LOTS of hard work – thanks TO YOU ALL!!! You’ve made the event very special with your dedication and time!

Our backstage staff have also been magnificent – Giselle Temple, who stepped in at the last moment to help, and Sweetest Sands, who helped organise tonight’s show… THANK YOU… you’ve both been complete angels… and Giselle – we couldn’t have pulled off the shows as professionally as we did without you! So Thank You!!!

The Virtual London Team have been incredible, supportive and are some of the most skilled people in SL that I know and they include -

TD Reinhardt, who built this incredible venue and the Expo site across the road – and has helped out enormously! THANKS TD!!!!!!!!

Kwame Oh – who has toiled night and day to get the media stream working on the internet!

If you haven’t seen it, check it out at and also this Wednesday - we’re going to have a BEST IN SHOW night of all the good things that have happened, right here at the Kensington club.
Janey Bracken, Hibiscus Hastings, and Ed Follet – who’s press coverage of this event is OUTSTANDING and if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out on Virtual London –

Seany Blinker just for being helpful whenever he is needed – Billy Arentine – for the incredible logo and graphics - and Brie Janick – who is one of the most supportive, helpful people I’ve every come across on the Grid – and is always there for advice or help!

Our DJ’s Siimon Inglewood and Mac Anthony have played some great nights this week, and also our hosts Kookie Hax, Maddy Adamski, and Miamore Ames were wonderful THANK YOU ALL!

OUR DESIGNERS!!!!! OMG!!! OUR DESIGNERS!!!!!! THIS SHOW COULD NOT have happened without you!!! And a special mention to Nils Tomorrow, Estelle Parnall, Watcher Castaignede and Lixena Lamourfou who managed to pull of the incredible tonight - and merge RL fashion with SL fashion in a matter of a few days!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

/me points across the runway and over the floor to the QUEEN of VIRTUAL LONDON – DEBS REGENT!!! – Debs – if you hadn’t twisted my arm and plied me with alcohol in the pub several weeks ago - none of this would have happened! SO THANKS!!!!!! When are we going for champagne?????!!!!!!!


/me points out across the glamorous stars and celebrities of Virtual London Fashion Week…. To the TRUEST STAR OF THE SHOW………

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – Please show A HUGE round of Second Life appreciation for my AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND INCREDIBLE co-creator for this event…… SHAZA DENVER!!!!!!!!!

SHAZA – did I tell you that you were a superstar yet today?


This has been VIRTUAL LONDON FASHION WEEK 2009 !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruskin Thor
VFLW Event Manager 2009