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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Weekend Events and News

I have some newsy bits to bring you today. SL Soho is to be part of a grid-wide concert on Saturday, 29th August, and some top SL bands will be taking part. The event is called ‘The Hearts for Children Concert’ and it’s in aid of a little girl called Claudia. Claudia is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. So far over 70 artists are taking part in this massive SL concert to raise funds for Claudia, who, because she is so young, stands a good chance of a full recovery if she responds well to the treatment.

I spoke to Soho Manager Menolly Riederer (pictured) who told me that this will be a totally free event and people will get a chance to donate money to Claudia. Menolly also has something else up her sleeve, a surprise at the event, but you will have to wait and see what this is, so make sure you get over there to join in the fun. So far the times have not been verified, but if I hear any more I will keep you posted.

It looks like Soho is getting ready to rock, so don’t miss it!! By the way, you have to be age verified that you are 18 or over to enter Soho, because it is classed as an Adult sim, however this is very easy to do. If you use your credit card to buy Lindens you may find you are already age verified, if you have not used your credit card, all you have to do is go to Second and give them your driving licence or passport number. Once you have given this, the information is not retained by Linden Labs after verification, so it is a perfectly safe procedure. See Second for further information.

The Phoenix Club in Soho has another great theme night on Friday, it’s back to school, so you can dig out that school uniform and see who can be the naughtiest schoolboy or schoolgirl!!

I heard from Knightsbridge Manager Brie Janick (welcome back from your holidays Brie!) that she, and Mayfair Manager Torric Rodas, are planning something for Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August. Think it may be Carnival time!!! Sounds like a terrific weekend for SL London.

Changing the subject completely, I had a call from SL London Director/Owner Das Wade to come over and see his new rental system. Das has invented the system and it is directly linked to the official SL London Virtual Community Website. Das will be able to check on the rents via the website, which is a big improvement to going around checking each property in SL London individually. The SL residents will still click on the rental boxes shown on their homes to pay their rent and rent new places, so there is no change there for them, but this is major improvement for managers of the sims so they can keep up in respect of which properties are occupied or empty.

Das is a dab hand at building and he is one of those rare people who can script in SL as well. He told me this morning that he may be starting lessons in the sandbox area for people who want to learn to build and script. I will definitely go along to brush up on my very poor building skills!!

All in all a very busy time for SL London and lots of hard work going on behind the scenes, well done SL London Team!

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lumpy s said...

I see we have a vampire shop in soho i would of thought that would not have been welcome seeing as all the trouble we have had with vampires in the past. just a thought