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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Un-earthly goings on in Knightsbridge

The Underground Club, Knightsbridge was deathly like a graveyard on Saturday night, but not in the usual quiet sense. THE UGC ROCKED !!!

Manager Seany and his staff laid on a well attended ‘House of Horrors’ themed event which attracted all manner of un-earthly beings to the 3 hour marathon. Over 40 avatars were present for much of the time with zombies, ghouls, spectres, you name it, even Freddy Kruger turned up.
The venue was cold, dank and misty with tombstones and freshly dug graves everywhere. The dance floor was awash with blood and some awful sounds could be heard coming from guests whose costumes were mostly repulsive.

DJ Jayjay kept disorder with Hostesses Barbara and Amourette making people feel unwelcome and everybody had a thoroughly horrible time.

Ed Follet


Nahiram said...

What an awful night!!! ... and what a way to put it on this post. Thanks to the UGC staff for this and other events they've prepared for us to have fun. Ed, I liked your last paragraph.. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it! LOL

seany1235(ugc manager) said...

was a very scary night i had nightmares :) thanks to everyone what a great night at the ugc as ever watch this space more to come