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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Spotlight On.......Landlord Wiccy Shackleton

I had an invitation from the new landlord of the Coach and Horses Pub in SL Mayfair to go over last Saturday to see their live music event, featuring singer Avvy Barzane. The new landlord, Wiccy Shackleton has just taken over from the previous landlady and I thought I would find out a little bit more about Wiccy for Virtually London (lite).

Having just come from seeing Mapoo Little’s raunchy performance at the Underground Club I went over to the popular Coach and Horses to see a very different style from singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist Avvy Barzane. Avvy has a laid back easy manner and he delighted the pub crowd with a variety of tunes including some by Cat Stevens and the Beatles. It was clear that the audience loved Avvy and his friendly dialog with the crowd added to the great performance he gave.

Wiccy was making everyone welcome and enjoying himself dancing around the bar. Later on I asked him a few questions about his SL experience and what he thought about the SL London sims.

I asked Wiccy if he had first arrived in SL London on his first day in SL, he told me that he had indeed rezzed there. I asked him how he had found the Mayfair sim, he said “Me and a friend in SL were just going on a SL tour of our own and I said "lets try my home sim of London where I was first ressed" and we did, saw the coach and horses and were warmly welcomed by those within :-)”

Wiccy had soon acquired a job as a barkeeper in the pub and I asked him how he had become the landlord, he told me “I was already working here, under Dorothy Blackheart when I heard the news of her departure from the position. I was offered the position and I thought I’d give it a go :-).” Asking him if he had considered taking a manager’s job prior to becoming the landlord he said “No - I didn’t ever want to be a manager of anything hehe - it wasn’t a job that appealed to me in RL, and I had some reservations about it in SL too, but I am glad I accepted the job offer and I hope I can bring something new to the pub. My first events have proven popular and I hope to offer more to the public in the future - the venue is one of the first places people who leave Hyde Park visit when they enter Mayfair so I think it is good to show them what u can do in SL :-). I mean we all hear about it on the news and things but it’s not until u see a live performance or get to know people and participate in events that it all starts to come together :-)”

I asked Wiccy to tell me a little about himself, he told me “Well I like to make friends, chat with people sometimes offer help if needed. I have done voluntary support for online computer games, I'm also a musician I play keyboard and a bit of guitar, but no singing without an auto-tuner involved hehe, my voice can be a bit karaoke I think :P, When I first joined SL I’m afraid to say I wasn’t particularly enthralled by it, but I did like the basic idea behind it. Having forgot my original login details (I only went on it the once lol and this was a good couple of years ago) I signed up for a new account - this one I’m on now, found myself in Hyde Park, and it was easy to get to grips with. I started finding other friends in RL who were also on SL, hung out with them and ended up back in London Mayfair where I found my first SL job as barkeeper, later to be landlord in the Coach and horses.”

Were you always a furry? I asked Wiccy, he replied “No - I was originally human, but I found the editing process tricky at the time and couldn’t make my avatar to look how I wanted it to. Then I happened across this furry character in a London freebies store and it just appealed to me so I’ve stuck with it ever since :-). I wanted to know if he was ever treated negatively by other avatars, as sometimes furries do get treated badly by others in SL, he said “As for negativity, I cant say I myself have encountered any, but I have heard from other furries that such has happened to them. Nearly everyone I’ve met has paid no attention to my looks, or has raised questions about why or how I am a furry but when I tell them, they don't raise the issue again.”

I was interested to know if Wiccy frequented the other London sims, or if he stayed mostly in Mayfair, he said “Yes I do travel to other areas of London, but not much - the only other areas I’ve been to in London are Knightsbridge and Soho. With my job I feel it is my duty to spend most of my time where I am supposed to be lol - and I also have my own business here in Mayfair that I am setting up with my business partner Eve, Ghost Music, so if I’m not in the pub or clubs I’m at the shop premises with my partner testing out ideas, so I don’t really get much time to visit the other sims and when I DO leave the sim I generally leave London altogether to explore other areas in SL.. London has a fantastic community from what I have seen in Mayfair, And we do make an effort to make everyone feel as welcome as we possibly can :-) All are always welcome in my pub for a drink and a chat :-).”

Asking Wiccy how he sees the job as landlord, he said “I expect it will be challenging but I’m up for the challenge and would like to try out ideas to help enhance the community here and keep it a warm friendly place:-)” And how do you deal with people who come into SL London to misbehave? I asked him. He replied “Awkward customers, I’d deal with them the same way I do in my real life job. Offensive users and griefers I would deal with appropriately and as swiftly as possible.”

Lastly, I wanted to know what Wiccy liked most about SL, he told me “What do I like most of all about SL? I can't choose lol -you can dress your avatar any way u want, u can build things, set up business, or just have fun , or go explore, or that its possibilities in general are virtually endless. With the London sims I like the friendliness of the people, if u say hi in any London sim, someone will always say hi back, and u cant say that of all sims in SL.”

As I watched Wiccy intermingling with the customers Saturday night and getting everyone involved with the fun of the evening, I could see that he is the right person for the job as landlord, outgoing and friendly and making everyone feel at home.

Congratulations on your new job Wiccy and many thanks for talking to me for this interview.

Janey Bracken

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Good luck with your new job wiccy xx