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Friday, 14 August 2009

Soho - What Do You Think?

I have been reporting quite a bit on Soho lately and I take people’s comments on this blog very seriously and welcome what people think, as I consider it could be a reflection on quite a few of the SL London resident’s thoughts. A comment in particular by MDB on yesterday’s ‘Grand opening of Soho’ article, drew my attention in particular.

Whilst trying just to bring the news and stay neutral, I do sometimes lean towards what someone like MDB says, because I think we should have a balanced SL London with all different attractions as it would be in real life. Concentrating on one area and especially one aspect of that area can be boring and laboured. The Soho I was hoping for was more of a mixture of cultures and society, as in the real area with its nightlife for celebrities and other Londoners who want a night out on the town without the sex thing. Ok you have the sex scene in the real Soho, but you also have all the classy little up market restaurants, music businesses and unique places like China Town!! I would have loved to have seen a small part of the sim put aside for China Town, just think of the celebrations for Chinese New Year! and who knows how many real life Chinese businesses would have been interested in opening a virtual place in-world.

It’s not easy of course, planning and building a sim, and promoting it too, lots of hard work and planning has gone into the new Soho, and well done all the builders and managers, but the trouble is, are they trying to sell sex to all the regular SL Londoners who just want to come into SL to have fun in the ordinary dance clubs and venues, maybe the last thing on their minds would be call girls and pole dancers. It probably isn’t in the majority of avatar’s tastes at all, this constant reference to the slightly sleazy side of life, and they may find all the promotions for adult sex just a little bit off putting.

I noticed that there is a copy of the famous Marquee club, just around the corner to the Phoenix club, in Wardour Street. The Marquee is probably the most famous club around, being relocated from Oxford Street to Soho on 13th March 1964 and the biggest stars cut their teeth there, such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and the Moody Blues, to mention but a few. I would have thought as well as the Phoenix it would have been a good idea to promote somewhere like the Marquee , where even today, new bands and singers make a name for themselves. There are many SL musicians who would love an open mic night and many SL Londoners I’m sure would love to go along to see them.

I appreciate again, this is difficult, as the SL London team are spreading themselves extremely thinly trying to run everything, but just the one option of just a sex club in Soho? maybe not the way to go (although promotion for Soho as a sex sim across the whole of the grid may eventually pull in punters from other sex sites eventually). Perhaps they don’t need quite so many staff in the Phoenix and maybe volunteers would enjoy the experience to help with the other venues, if they did open something else there.

Tell me what you think and what would attract you to Soho?

Janey Bracken


Lumpy S said...

I agree with you janey the real soho is not all about sex as it seems to be in the sl london there are far more things to soho than just sex.
But i guess its about money and bringing traffic to the sim but that traffic is sometimes not the sort we need in london.
I left the london group yesterday as i dont really want to see notices about sex and it all seems very one sided to me such a shame london as really changed for the worse in the last 6 months.

ozzie said...
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ozzie said...

Probably the greatest reference to sex is the existance of the phoenix club.
Having worked in these kinds of places i think most people to often write them off as simply about sex.

What they forget is that there is a real heart an mind behind the keyboard. Most the frequent customers to these kinds of clubs tend to be more the lonely hearted types. In my two years as a dancer i have had regulars such as US Soldiers based in some war torn part of the world, night shift workers who live alone. They come sit, watch, chat, and generally walk away knowing that people do actually care.

In the case of my war torn us soldier, they stopped coming. I like to think they returned home safely and our job was done.

Whilst the sex side of the place exist, certainly the dance side of the soho is more centred around making the lonely hearts smile.

Cause in essense that's what makes a good dancer, a confident person on a stage, who is good at putting a smile on your face and making you feel special when you really need it.

I also think people shouldn't write this off just another version of the ill conveiced notion that sl is all about sex.

I am more than happy to chat to someone inworld about this, there are two sides to the story I certainly dont it is represented in this story.


Janey Bracken said...

Hi Lumpy S

Thank you for your comments. I am sorry to hear that you left the group because of the notices about Soho. Your opinion and remarks are very welcome and I hope you stick around SL London to air your suggestions on what you want your SL London experience to be. I think what you say may represent what quite a few people are feeling right now and SL London certainly doesn't want to lose it's established regulars.

Janey :)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Ozzie,

Thank you for your comments and insight into places such as the Phoenix. Although, I feel slightly that you are missing my point. I have nothing against establishments such as the Phoenix either in SL or RL, as I think they do provide a service for the needs of a certain percentage of the population and give both pleasure and succour to their clients.

The point I am trying to make is that people who do visit such places as The Phoenix will not make up the majority of the people who come to SL London, some of whom may even feel offended to keep hearing about the services provided there.

The Phoenix does have a place in SL Soho, as it does mimic RL, but I think the mistake being made at the moment is to make SL Soho a one horse race without providing any attractions for the larger percentage of SL London people who do not want anything to do with sex with their beer or nudity with their dancing.

I also know that you have to advertise to get the sim and the club off the ground, but feel that there should be other non-sex venues there too, to dilute the sexually orientated side with choices for people who are not intrested in the sex industry.

Janey :)

rails said...

soho is London Sims newest attraction, and whilst people may only see the sex aspect of it, there is much more to see.

Where possible and allowing for prim usuage, building have been recreated as faithfully as possible.

For example the hospital adjacent to soho square, a building of real life historical significance in real London. the original rent for that building in real london was one peppercorn, I found that amazing when I first did the research for that build.

The John Snow public house, John SNow discovered that cholera was a water borne disease.

The building where Logie Baird once lived and and close by another building where Mozart is reputed to have stayed, both blue plaque buildings in real life London.

A community centre smack in the middle, top floor of a old warehouse, where people can sit down and just converse, or play for free the most amazing inworld game I have ever come across.

So while there is a element of SL sex to cater for those that like such a thing, there are also buildings of historical significance in the area.



Menolly - Sim Manager said...

It is a shame that people are ready to right Soho off as a one horse race. It is an adult sim and many things will be opening there over time.

Chinatown was NOT included in Soho for one reason and one reason only... we dont have the room to include it in the sim and I felt I could not do it justice by just having token portion of it.

Soho is a vibrant area rich in its social aspects and it is our hope that, in time, the cultures that make Soho famous will come into this sim. One thing I would like to point out is that we included the Marquee as a museum because... the Marquee is now apartments. But, as in the REAL Wardour street, there is a club right next door (RL called the Meza) and I am in fact in the process of putting a small club next door to the Marquee that will become a hangout for those who arent interested in the Phoenix.

Remember the sim is but 3 weeks old and it takes time to populate and create the spaces that make a sim unique.

Soho is different from the rest of London just as it is in RL and that is how it will stay. Unique in its own right.

So dont be a stranger and don't prejudge it because it has an Adult tag and there are Adult related places in Soho... There is more to this sim than meets the eye and has a long way to go before it is complete, just as there is more to the other sims in the London Estates that a lot of people are yet to discover.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Rails and Menolly,

Thank you for your comments and there is no getting away from the fact that you have done a fantastic job with the Soho sim and yes I have noted the locations you have included such as the John Snow Pub with the famous water pump which I have mentioned in a brief history in my other articles. I am not writing Soho off at all and with all your hard work I hope that it gains the success you so well deserve.

However, I have said it is a one horse race because, on opening, there is only the sex club to tempt people and this would exclude many people who frequent the rest of SL London who do not feel comfortable in such an environment.

I think it's a great idea to open a club next to your Marquee museum, and although the Marquee closed it's doors for the last time, from it's last location in upper St Martin's Lane, Soho, it's still a big chunk of Soho History, so having a club linking the Marquee to Soho would be quite a nostalgic thing. I know the difficulties of including actual places is extroadinarily hard, but Big Ben is in Westminster and not Chelsea and no one minds at all.

For people who do not want to participate in the Phoenix club scene, surely some get togethers in places like the great lounge area above the warehouse or the pub would be nice as well as just holding parties in the Phoenix.

No I'm not writing Soho off at all, just trying to ensure that everyone will feel welcome there even those who don't care for the adult side. Still think it's a shame about China Town though!! I'm sure you would have done a stunning job with that!!

Janey :)

rails said...

To quote you, if I may "However, I have said it is a one horse race because, etc".

It is far from a one horse race, Soho caters to all, thats a fact.

The one downside, if you wish to call it that, is that because of the adult content element (which is rife in real life Soho), visitors to this sim have to be age varified.

If anyone objects to that, take it up with Linden Lab, that is their policy.

The following three activities and Items have always sold well in SL:

Sex, Weapons and clothes.

Thats a fact too.

One has to ask, playing Devils Advocate here, if they people who dont like the Soho sim, are actually of legal age to be on SL?

As for building China Town, a full size island sim has 15000 prims, the building mix is always to allow 5000 prims for residential and commercial needs, so in effect a sim builder has 10,000 prims to build with, and when you are attempting to build replica builds of buildings that exist in real life, they are eaten up very quickly because of the detail that is required.

A texture will only achieve so much.

So as Menolly pointed out, it would have been impossible to build even an element of china town, simply because of the detail aspect.



Anonymous said...

The Phoenix Club is a sex orientated club, is soho sim, no, misinformed people need to open their eyes more and have a correct look around a sim because publishing such drivvle. The phoenix welcomes all, it is a burlesque club, which is a show in the long run, which welcome anyone from any walk of light who wants to chat have fun , dance, listen to music and enjoy the girls show on stage, unlike any other club in sl that i know of. besides that the sim itself has many stores, and soho landmarks in it for people to view, such as the hospital, and john snow pub. Not to mention the fact that this is a first for London in secondlife to have an adult sim where people can come and choose to if they want to have the option of using it to its sex advances or just chill out in the park, or community area above the old carpark, or the new bar being built, this does not seem liek journalism more a stab at change in the London sims. change is growth and good on the soho sim for sticking to their guns. Soho IS a wonderful sim to visit and look around and id implore you to check out every bit of it you can even the phoenix as it is a burlesque club, but the girls are lovely and nice to chat to as well.

Das Wade said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments. It is good to read them.
I would however like to straight a few things just so you all know.

Firstly, The many aspect of Soho will be its entertainment,
As this includes a Sex Club then this has been a major focus of the team to get this
right and we have had alot of Advisor in the sim to help us with the setting up of this club.
This has not been an easy task for the team, as a Sex Club is alot more work than Other Style Clubs, and requires
alot more staff.
This has also deem us to making it a Adult Sim for the Safety of other SL Users.

Secondly, Our london in SL is about making enough money to run the sims, Please note that the
Sims you so love and spend your time on are not free , they come out of someones pocket and I would
Also liike to straighten the point of, We get no discounts for having an Orientation Island (Hyde Park).
That is still a full sim at full cost.

As you all see, london has been boxed in now by someone that seems to think that its a way of making alot of money
Good luck to them, All they have suceeded in doing is causing london to be moved away form them on the next addition
to the Sims and also there nice UK flag has atrracted alot of new people to us. Thanks Again. Appreciated Alot.

As London CEO,
I have been looking at alot of Additions to London Sim, Fishing in Chelsea, Horse riding & Sky diving in Hyde Park,
Mayhem Club in Mayfair ect ect ect.

I have also been open to any suggestion or problems within the sims and said to everyone to notecard or email me.
And Janey, China town or Carnaby street?
As we wanted other aspects of soho, we wouldnt be able to do China town justice its needs, But watch this space for future
Sim/Builds :-).

Anonymous said...

"A texture will only achieve so much."

yes that is certainly true, judging by the new shops in the chelsea sim. the existing shops and houses are lovely, please don't ruin them with new ones that are a texture nightmare.

and stop spamming the london group chat with notices for phoenix events. that's what the group for the phoenix club is for. if people are interested, they would have joined the phoenix group by now. please, stop. you are turning people away from london.

MDB said...

Rails and Menolly, you say there are lots of other wonderful attractions in Soho, but you never advertise them! The only thing residents hear about Soho is from the Phoenix! How do you expect us residents to not "write off Soho" when all you do is shove the sex club in our faces? The way I see it, we residents are your customers, don't you need us? So you have to do yourselves a favour and listen to your residents when we complain. If you want people to come to Soho, you need to promote more than just your Phoenix sex club. How would we know what else is there? I know you'll say we can come over and explore, but why would we if all we hear about is the sex club?

Sorry, poor advertising skills on your part.


rails said...

Response to MDB

And I quote "How would we know what else is there?"

SL is a 3D interactive environment, I should know that because I actually do promote SL to new residents.

As a Mentor I teach new residents that search is their best friend, bottom toolbar, click search, go to the places tab, and type in a word of your choice, press enter, then select from the highlighted list, and press the teleport button.

Or if you prefer, rhetorical situation, you rent a shop and come back a month later and tell the sim owner I havent sold anything, I would ask you "What have you done to promote your new shop."

Soho is one sim, all it takes is to explore it, that is the fun aspect of SL, exploration.

To Anon, ermm, I see more notices going through the London Group than just alleged notices from the Soho Sim, and yes I have sent notices concerning rental availabilty for the Chelsea Sim, feel free to go through group back notices and count what has been sent out and by whom.



Lumpy S said...

Omg what the hell as happend in chelsea that lovely park has gone and errrrr the new houses and shops wtf they look like there out of a kids paining come on i think a 12 year old could do better

rails said...

Response to Lumpy

Buy a island mate, get the 15000 prim allowance, and see what you can do with it to maximise the use of prims to pay tier

Anonymous said...

I kind of switched off to the article posted when you said you try to be unbiased, as this is blantantly untrue. You are so centered on one specific sim it is unbelievable. You spend all your time there, no doubt writing this tosh that you pass off as journalism.

ozzie said...

janey, sweet you let your emotions jumped the gun without researching the facts. You haven't bothered to speak to the Soho Managment team to see what other wonderus things we have in store for those that have no desire to visit phoenix. Next time perhaps contact us to discuss.

As I have said before i am more than willing to sit down and speak to you.

MDB said...

Janey doesn't actually spend all her time in one sim, she travels throughout all of London and reports on stories that happen in every sim. If the poster two posts up had ever read any of the other blog stories, they would have known that.

next time try doing your own research.

Janey Bracken said...

Hello Anon,

Thank you for troubling to comment on my 'tosh'. Comments are always welcome whatever your views! I do in fact travel all over SL London to get stories, as I try to bring the latest of whatever is happening. It may have seemed like the focus is on Soho lately but that is because it is the new SL London venture and prominently in the latest news. I see that you write anonymously, please don't be afraid of telling people who you are if you have a strong opinion. I write and I am used to people expressing their views, either good or bad.

Janey :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ozzie you show up out of the blue and think you know everything about london janey been here a darn sight longer than you she is a great reporter.
how about taking your head out your a** facts are soho is about sex all the shops so far selling sex stuff

Janey Bracken said...

Hello Ozzie,

Thank you for your comments. I do not get emotionally involved in the stories I write I simply write on what I think is topical at the time. I had been receiving feedback from people who were not happy that there was only the Phoenix club open and no choice of other venues. Although you and the Soho team have doen a supurb job with the Phoenix and should be very proud of your achievements, this type of club does not suit everyone in SL London.

I know how hard the Soho team have worked and I greatly admire what you all have done so far and I hope you do not consider that I have a downer on anyone, as I only reported on what was happening at the time.

I am more than happy to report on your coming events and venue launchings and any other things that you want people to know about. Please don't be afraid to contact me, I want to go on writing about all aspects of SL London and I am sure Soho will have so much to offer in the near future.

Janey :)

Janey Bracken said...

Hello MDB and Anon (posted at 16.23)

Thank you both for your comments

Janey :)

ozzie said...

to janey,

More than happy to discuss some of the different things we are working towards that we have not publisiced.

To anon ,

Our vip group is growing our events are fun, we are mindful not to spam the london group.
I am more than happy to sit down and listen to your concerns please feel free to contact me inworld. We are actively trying to get what is an adult sim right. We have things planned which are less about sex.

Having read the article an the critism i would like to now thank janey for providing a much needed debate.

To all,

I make no secret that my experience has been in the adult industry, i came to the soho to help them get it right which is a big ask.

Adult sims can be done tastefully to those that want to enjoy it. We had an event the other nite well done to cleo an the girls who worked hard to do it.

As i said please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns. It is an adult sim lets not loose sight of that .

Thanks oz

Anonymous said...

To Anon, ya said something like 'janey been here a darn sight longer than you she is a great reporter.'

Dont know what you call a good reporter, but in my world a reporter conducts research, spends hours and sometimes days researching a story, not responding to what someone said.

Dunno Anon maybe you are missin the plot here or are you one of the people that are determined to undermine the good work of ALL the London Sim Managers.

Even cartoonists do research.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Anon(CC)

Thank you again for troubling to comment, your remarks are always welcome, adding good humour to the debate.

Janey :)

lumpy s said...

I see the people that try to dis you janey hide there names we know why that is CHICKENS lol