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Thursday, 20 August 2009

SL London Events and Have Your Say

Hello sim Managers, we are here to promote your club events and any other 'happenings' in your areas. Please contact me with information of coming events so that I can let everyone know in time for your fun stuff!! Seany1235 Blinker told me about a themed night at the Underground Club this Saturday at 2pm (SLT), a House of Horrors night, so lets see the whole of SL London get their scary costumes out for that one!!! I would love to know what is happening in the other sims, as I want to come and party with the rest of you!! I can only promote what people tell me about, and Virtually London (lite) covers the whole of SL London and people want to know what is going on so they can enjoy it all!

Also I want to know what people's opinions are on all different aspects of SL London, if you enjoy something in particular or if you have a grievance about something. I am going to print your thoughts, (providing they are printable!!) if you wish to air your views. If you want to remain anonymous that's ok but send a notecard to me if you have a story to tell.
You will probably say that I am promoting the UGC again, well yes, Seany gave me the information, now I am waiting to hear about the rest of the events all over SL London, get your events to me and I will be pleased to publish them.

Janey Bracken (waiting for comments!)

1 comment:

lumpy s said...

One of the best nights ive had in london you rock underground club keep up the good work.