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Monday, 17 August 2009

SL Def Leppard Appear at Soho Launch

The grand opening party went with a swing Saturday night. SL Def Leppard took to the stage to the delight of all the people who had come to SL Soho for the official opening of SL London’s newest sim.

The streamed music was great to listen to, and the SL Def Leppard group entertained us visually with their presence on stage as well. The sim filled fast and at one time there were over 70 avatars there. The show was not finished after Def Leppard performed their last song, dj Jezzie McCellan took to the stage to keep the party going.

SL Def Leppared were a good choice for an opening night and congratulations to Soho Manager Menolly Riederer on the success of a great evening.

Janey Bracken


seany1235 said...

Wtg menolly and soho team :)

HotStuff said...

Wow what a great show!! i think a good time was had by all..........
Thanks to the Soho team and SL Def Leppard xx

Das Wade said...

What a night,
Way to go Menolly and the Soho Staff.

And it was great to see the sim hold up to the numbers, Only 2 more people Next time Menolly and you would have equalled the SL London Sim Record :P.

P.S it only counts if you dont crash the sim :P.

ozzie said...

planning to smash that one Das on the 29th. lol