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Monday, 24 August 2009

Live Link Up Meeting In SL London

There was a meeting of real life companies in-world last Thursday. The venue was Northcliffe House in SL Kensington, an ideal location with its conference centre on the first floor. The meeting was chaired by Ozone Beck of Ozone Conferencing and although there were absences, overall the live ‘link up’ proved to be a success. Debs Butler (avatar Debs Regent) and Julian Sowu (avatar Kwame Oh) represented their real life company ‘Virtually Linked’. Others attending were Gannymede Loon, Pygar Renfrew, Iain Elcano, Ozone Robonaught and Peter Earthboy.

Ozone Beck asked everyone in turn to introduce themselves and explain what they wanted and expected from meetings in respect of using SL as a communication tool. The main aim of such meetings is to make contact and links with other businesses globally, as the virtual environment allows you to do. It is estimated that by 2011 approximately 80% of Internet users will be registered in SL and the people who were sitting around the table in Northcliffe House last Thursday are among the pioneers in respect of the use of 3D technology to conduct their businesses now and in the future.

It was decided that Northcliffe House was a better venue to hold meetings, as the chance of uninvited avatars dropping in was minimal, however, it was explained that parcels of land can be given limited access, thereby stopping any unwanted visitors entering the area. The majority of the people attending the meeting spoke in ‘voice’, which seemed to work quite well, as the Chairman took the lead offering each person a few minutes of dialog and introduction before starting the general discussion.

Debs Butlet (Debs Regent) is known as a legend for her pioneering work, bringing real life businesses together via the 3D SL environment, she has made SL London a phenomenal success in respect of this ground breaking venture. It makes me proud to be part of the SL London scene and I have been lucky enough to watch the fruition of Deb’s dream as it all happened!
Janey Bracken

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