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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Jazz Club Grand Opening Date

The new Chelsea Jazz club is having its grand opening on the 30th August at 5pm SLT (I will verify the time later if it is different). The club, built by Rails Bailey, has a new manager Ritzzie Aristocrat, well done Ritzzie! and they are busy hiring staff at the moment. Ritzzie has given me some of the events that are being held there when the club is opened and they will be as follows:

Mondays 8am -10amslt ( Monday Blues Chaser)

Wednesdays 8am-10am Slt (Wild Wednesday)

Sundays 5pm-7pm SLt (Snazzy Jazzy Sunday)

It will make a lovely changed to get all dressed up for a posh venue like the Jazz club!

I also have a list of events for Mayfair this week, tonight at the Mayhem club it’s best in ‘Most unusual Black and White’. Wednesday at the Coach and Horses pub it’s Karaoke night, then at the Garden Café on Thursday there is a motorbike race. (please check with the sim staff for times, none were available at the time of publication)

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

The Chelsea Jazz Club is a great idea! There are several top notch clubs in SL and they are always packed like sardines! This is a venue that is popular and should bring lots of people to the sim!

I'm looking forward to donning my tux and taking a whirl on the dance floor!


Janey Bracken said...

Yes you look great in your tux, I might have to go shopping and get a nice new evening dress, any excuse, lol!!

Janey x

Hibiscus said...

Wow Drax, that will be worth the price of admission alone!

Anonymous said...

just what we need ANOTHER jazz club in sl

Hibiscus said...

Yes! I love Jazz Clubs! Glad you agree Anon, hope to see you there.