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Monday, 24 August 2009

Ed Follet Introducing… Ed Follet

Hi, I am Ed Follet, the newest member of the Virtually London (lite) reporting team. I thought I would introduce myself because although many people will have seen me hanging around the SL London sims for the last 5 months, very few will know much about me. But first let me say that I am delighted to have been asked to join Janey, Hibiscus and Pixi.

Previously a flight simulation enthusiast, I was attracted to SL having heard about the fantastic creative possibilities here. I am very interested (but by no means an expert) in all forms of creative art. I am also interested in technical issues, particularly lag and its causes, but again I am not a technical guru.

I am keen to become a proficient builder. I have completed a few small projects - aeroplanes, not surprisingly, and a motorbike which I occasionally use to get around on. I hasten to add it is ‘worn’ not driven, so its top speed is the same as a brisk jog and it can't take passengers.

To start with I expect to be making the tea, sweeping up and doing other such dogs body tasks. As soon as I can be trusted, I intend to be out there, sniffing out the important stories in true news hound style. I hope to be able to add my own brand of humour and style and I’m looking forward very much to meeting you.
Ed Follet


HotStuff said...

Yayyyy Ed good luck in your new job!!!! ill be round for a cupa soon lol

rails said...

Looking forward to reading your stories

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard! You have your work cut out for you if you are teamed up with Janey and Hibs - they are tough taskmasters!!!!


Looking forward to reading your articles! Best of luck to you.

-Drax Ember

Hibiscus said...

Hi Ed, so glad you have joined the team! I have always enjoyed your comments, I have found them to be well thought out and written, and I look forward to reading your articles. Plus it will be so great having someone else to help me with making the tea!

Janey Bracken said...

Hey Drax, you know Hibs and I are easy going, laid back, kind?, well perhaps a little bit tough, well Hib is anyway, she scares me! Don't worry Ed, Drax has an evil sense of humour! you will love working with us!!

Janey :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Ed you'll be great ... look forward to reading your stuff :)

Amourette Dubrovna

Ed Follet said...

Thanks to everybody for the support and encouragement. I'm looking forward to covering your stories :-)) Ed.

seany1235 blinker said...

wtg ed on the new job look forword to the stories you write :)