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Thursday, 20 August 2009

And All That Jazz!!!

I do love to put on a long evening gown and go out to places like Phat Cat’s, Frank’s or Bogart’s Jazz clubs for a formal night out in SL. I think most ladies and gentlemen enjoy getting all dressed up now and again, and the wonderful outfits for sale in SL make shopping for evening wear so nice!! (love shopping!!)

We already have three great clubs in SL London, and each of them are very different, the Underground Club with its easy listening music and wonderful friendly atmosphere, the Mayhem Club with it’s younger street cred music so popular with many in the virtual Capital, and the Phoenix with it’s sophisticated nightclub scene.

Well I heard yesterday that SL London is getting it’s very own Jazz club, The Chelsea Jazz Club, and builder Rails Bailey has already started setting it up. It is located in SL Chelsea on the premises of the old fire station and I’m happy because it’s within walking distance from my apartment, so I don’t even have to get a cab home!!!

So come on all you SL London folk who want a nice smoochy evening with your partner, you will soon be able to take her or him for a slow dance and don’t forget to put your glad rags on!!!
Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

I think this will be great! I love going to the jazz clubs and having one in London should be a wonderful addition to our club scene.

Anonymous said...

Just hope someone good built it.

ozzie said...

Nice club Rail, now where on earth did u find that saucy manager hmmm, ? lol

rails said...

When I got the Chelsea sim, I knew we needed a different venue, there is rock and roll galore in the other London sims and well run by the various sim managers, but there was nothing in the Jazz or
Blues area, so it became obvious that this is what was needed.

The Chelsea Fire Station was the perfect place to build it, lots of interior space whilst still retaining the Look of the real chelsea firestation.

I was lucky to get a good manager in Ritzzie Aristocrat, she is always out listening to such music around the grid and I am certain she will make a professional lead manager.

Ritzzie is already out there recruiting for the new Jazz venue.

The Jazz Club also incorporates a coffee shop and chill area on the roof, and for the adventure minded visitors, free helicopter rides.

So maybe Janey and Hibiscs can fly to the other London sims and save time getting around.

Questions or queries about the new venu should be directed to Ritzzie Aristocrat.

Feel free to drop in anytime

Ramblings from Rails

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Rails,

Thanks, the helicopter looks lots of fun, doubt if Hibiscus will ride with me though, for some reason she doesn't like my driving, don't know why, lol!! I only turned my car over a couple of times, nothing much!! The club looks great, love the red carpet, very classy! Well done Rails for the idea, a Jazz club is definately a must, and congrats Ritzzie for getting the top job. Wishing the club every success!

Janey :)

claire said...

I live in the real Chelsea and there is not a Fire Station like that there. Any reason why that one is there ?