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Friday, 31 July 2009

The UGC Went Where No Man Has Gone Before!

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!! Well it was club life but not quite as we know it last Sunday. Yes, it was Star Wars meets Star Trek night with Captain Seany1235 Blinker at the helm!! His lookout for the night was Isabella Elcano as Queen Amidala doing a great job as host and making sure those Klingons kept out of the Star fleet chamber.

The Club looked absolutely fantastic with its giant spaceships from both shows scattered around the dance area, it was certainly an event that people were looking forward to.

I counted at least three Darth Vaders leaping around, light sabres in their hands, looking very menacing, but hilarious as they spotted each other!! We had a couple of Princess Leia’s, one toting guns as she danced, looking threateningly at one of the Darth Vaders. Both Princess Leias looked really good, their costumes just right. One of them, avatar Truthsprincess Baramm, had arrived with her partner in crime Truths Marder and what a good looking couple they made, Truths was a handsome Han Solo, sadly leaving Chewbacca at home on this occasion though.

Before Seany took over dj’ing, Genevieve Gagne had started the event rolling with Elizabetta Westland as host. Gen look beautiful in one of Princess Leia’s more feminine outfits and Elizabetta danced on the stage as one of Captain Kirk’s Star Trek crew. Hotstuff Gothly and Nils Tomorrow looked ready for action in their Starbucks outfits and Gerr Finesmith delighted us with his Rimmer avatar from the cult show Red Dwarf. Of course it wouldn't be right without Mr Spock and Trevor Rookstown had a great av, pointed ears and all! The club was rocking and the sim nearly full to capacity, a great success for the Knightsbridge team.

One last word though, I am assured by the SL London management that there is no split with the London team, although I would expect a little healthy rivalry with managers who want to make their sim the most popular. However, it seems that the two SL London clubs, the Underground Club and the Mayhem Club have absolutely no support for each other. Instead of coming over and joining in the fun at the UGC on the Star Trek night, the Mayhem club regulars stayed away and chatted openly in group chat so that people knew they were around. I have never seen the UGC staff in the Mayhem club either and I wonder what really is going on. I think for big events like the Star Trek night, it would be a nice gesture for the teams to get together and show the SL London residents and visitors a united front! Beam me up Scotty!!!

Janey Bracken


rails said...

Imagine this, you are walking down a famous London street, brimming with night clubs, all competeing for trade, the way it should be, give people choice, let people decide where they want to go for a fun night out.

Well IMHO its the same in the London sims, give people a choice of the venue they want to go to, treat them like people, not cattle to be herded into another field.

Its called freedom of choice.

So before any sim manager starts getting on their high horse, think about the residents and what they want, they want to be treated as individuals, not cattle.

Cheers from the Devils Advocate


Anonymous said...

Wow. Freedom of choice? Interesting. So, by putting up signs in the Garden Cafe, (which is supposed to be the new hangout for ALL of London) that only have to do with Mayfair clubs and Soho clubs, that's giving residents freedom of choice? What about the clubs and hangouts in the other 4 London sims, such as the Underground Club or the Greyhound Pub? By not putting up signs for those venues, you're limiting the choices for residents. Not a whole lot of freedom how about treating us as individuals, as you say, and start advertising ALL of the clubs and pubs in SL London in the Garden Cafe, and not just Mayfair and Soho clubs? Go on, give us a bit of your good ol' freedom of choice, Rails. :)

rails said...

To Anonymous, all the sim managers have to do is ask to put signs up in other sims, a case of working together, nor rocket science I should have thought

Anonymous said...

I would have through the Mayfair sim manager would have asked and invited the other sim managers if they wanted to put up signs in the new area, instead of the others having to ask? Afterall, there are some signs for Soho and its club in the Garden Cafe! It just seems that it would've been up to the creators of the new hangout to invite other clubs and pubs to advertize, but perhaps they did invite other clubs and pubs, just not all of the clubs and pubs in SL London...seems a few were overlooked!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and inviting other to advertize? That's a good example of trying to work together, and being polite as well! I hope that's not rocket science to most people, but I guess it is!

rails said...

To Anon, I did actually suggest to the London team that they were missing an opportunity for revenue and that advertising signs, but I guess that was to hard for some, or they expected others to do the work for them.

As an active part of the London team and one of the current builders, I only have so much time, so I guess any advertising signs will have to work.

On another issue I noticed a while back that a UGC advertising sign appeared in Hyde Park, now I could have gone down the path of sour grapes and returned it, since the person who placed it there didnt bother to ask.

If this back biting keeps going it is I fear, going to escalate into a them and us scenario.

Oh and I use my real name, it would be nice if anon used theirs.



sean said...

why am i being brought into this plz dont bring me into your wars i dont want to be part of this thanks.

lumpy jolby said...

Talking about signs in the park i was walking around reading signs and came across the are you an adult sign at the del.
It appers that its spelt wrong to me "thousands of EXITING sims" im sure thats wrong is it not ment to be exciting

HotStuff said...

While you lot are arguing about sodding sims, did anyone think to thank Janey and Hibs for this wonderful artical they wrote???? NO!!! Thanks guys we had a wonderful night that was out of this world!! xx

Elizabetta Westland said...

That really WAS one of the best nights at the UGC! People clearly loved all the Star Trek/Star Wars outfits, and even those few BSG outfits too! (here's lookin' at you, Hotsy!) Fab article and piccies as always Janey and Hibs!!