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Monday, 13 July 2009

Spotlight on.......Hotstuff Gothly

There is one lady who well deserves the spotlight on her and it was a pleasure to ask her all about her second life. Hotstuff Gothly is a warm lovely person with a wild sense of humour. If you visit the London Underground Club and see Hotstuff strutting her stuff, you can bet you are in for a fun time, as Hots’ fast wit is so entertaining! You will normally see Hots with her best friend Nils Tomorrow adding a touch of real glamour to the club.

I asked Hots what she thought about SL London and she told me ‘London is my home town RL, I grew up in town so I guess that’s where I wanted to be, London is a wonderful sim and its getting bigger and better, I’m looking forward to seeing Soho when its finished.’ Talking about SL as a whole, Hots said ‘Oh I loved SL from the start, I had a wonderful mentor (Gem) she looked after me so well, her partner (Bob) made me clothes and yes I made mistakes like walking round with boxes on and hair with Demo sticking out my head and odd bits of clothes like we all do to start with, but we all soon learn.’

I wanted to know how Hotstuff joined SL and what happened when she did, she said ‘Well I first heard about SL maybe two years ago, my daughter is very interested in fashion design so we were looking at these photos of avatars here on SL and wondered what they were, finally I joined SL using my real name and after a while I found I really didn’t like being called by my real name in SL, so when my daughter joined and had a brand new avatar I wanted a new one too, so Hotstuff was born about a year ago now. Hotstuff was my nickname given to me by an old friend and it kind of stuck, so now you know lol.’

I mentioned that Hots always looks beautifully turned out and I asked her about her favourite places to shop, she told me ‘Well shopping is a must here in SL, I’m so lucky that Nils my best friend makes wonderful clothes, she designs and fits Hotsey out with her gorgeous dresses! I also shop at Adored and UK Couture and get my shoes from stiletto moody and VvB heels.’ Asking if she made any of her own things, Hots said ‘Oh I tried, but failed, it was awful, I made a t-shirt once it looked more like a tent after I finished, I’ll leave the building to the experts.’

I asked if Hots travelled to other sims, she replied ‘I’ve got a fantastic motorbike I won at a def leppard gig and love riding it with my friends.’ Do you own your own place in SL? I asked, she said ‘Well I had the island next to Nils island store for a while, but these days my home is in the store cupboard in Nilseys store lol.’ I wanted to know what other hobbies Hots had, she said ‘oh I’m a lucky chair fanatic, I just love winning.’

What did Hots think about SL romances? She said ‘its great that some people fall for each other here on SL, I have lots of really good male friends and I’ve been to a few weddings, there always fun!

As Hotstuff is such a regular visitor to the UGC I asked what she thought of the SL London nightlife, she said ‘Well you can always find me at the Underground club in Knightsbridge with my guitar in hand rocking the night away! All the staff, DJs and hosts are great there and the people there are the best, we always have a great laugh and they play some great rock music. That’s where I first met Nils Tomorrow, we just clicked and have been best mates ever since, we get called "double trouble" and the "terror twins" by our friends but we always have a great laugh wherever we go. I missed the SL Def Leppard Show in Hyde Park due to RL and I’m a huge fan, I’ve seen them loads of times, I think a huge party in the park would be fantastic with live bands, hey we could call it London-stock . I’ve also got some very good friends that are DJs so I often hang out with them while they work.’

I agree with Hots, a party in the park would be a great idea!! Many thanks for sharing your story with me Hots!


Isabella Elcano said...

Hots is such a lovely person to have come into the UGC. Your comments about how fantastically dressed she always is are very true Janey. Another brilliant article, well done :)

Anonymous said...

We Love hotsyyyyyyy shes fab an shes the biggest def leppard fan hehe.Shes abig part of the ugc and we adore her