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Friday, 3 July 2009

SL Milkman Gerr Doing His Rounds!

It's nice to see that some of our traditions are not dying out, what with the big supermarkets taking most of the trade, it was lovely to see that there is still a service for milkmen in SL London!! Can't beat it can you, that friendly knock at the door and a smiling face delivering your milk, cream, eggs and spuds, especially to old and infirm avatars who can't get out much and perhaps the milkman is the only visitor they have! Aww sad you say!! but I'm only kidding!! this is our own wonderful Gerr Finesmith with yet another of his great inventions, and it's perfect, right down to his crate of milk.
I asked Gerr about the milkfloat and he told me he made it some time ago and that it was really his first attempt at making a vehicle in SL. He said that it is rather slow at the moment (I thought to myself, sounds safe for me to drive then, fancy a ride Hibiscus?). Anyway, if you hear some bottles rattling along the road, you will see it's SL London's milkman Gerr, give him a wave and buy a pint!!


HotStuff said...

Ernie............and he drove the fastest milkcart in the west!!! lol

Hibiscus said...

Actually, I might take you up on that offer Janey, sounds safe enough!

Janey Bracken said...

That's funny Hot!!! See you do love my driving Hib!!! I thought you did! I will wait till Gerr gets his new faster model though, hehe.