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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

SL London Residents Upset

There are some pretty unhappy people in SL London today and I hope they find a solution soon to their problem. I wrote a few weeks ago about people becoming attached to the place where they first arrive in SL, places they call home and meet their friends for a chat (see A Nice Home For Newbies). Anyway as luck would have it, it looks like the meeting place in Hyde Park near the Dell Café is causing problems because of the regulars who meet there making it difficult for new people to join SL smoothly at the Hyde Park Gateway.

Sunday night I had been asked by SL London Director Das Wade to go over and see a new venue in Mayfair called the Garden Café, where a bit of a party was going on, and to he honest it was a nice place, a courtyard at the back of one of the big houses and ideal for events. Apparently this is the location that the London team have picked for the people from the Dell Café to use as their meeting area, rather than still gather in Hyde Park. I went over to chat to the people outside the Dell Café today, and I can tell you they are not happy, either with the fact that they have been asked to vacate the park, or with the new location, which is so very different from what they are used to.

I spoke to Gandy Gearhead, who had been and looked at the new meeting place, and he explained why he was unhappy about it, he said ‘the new place is like a club and there is no chatting, which is what I kept getting told last nite.’ When I explained to him about the problems the new people were experiencing, Gandy said ‘I get that, could have asked as opposed to throwing everyone out’ I wanted to know what sort of place he would prefer, he told me ‘A quiet one I guess, but I can’t speak for everyone, similar to this.’ (Hyde Park). He added ‘the new place is laggy as hell as well. I’m surprisingly angry about this.’

The new location did not go down very well with Fran Jonstone, she said ‘it’s like slum alley.’ Fran added ‘the noobs stay here to make friends and the London greeters can’t see it. They fenced the landing area off now the noobs come and stand here so we get moved again.’

Alex85 Ghost, who seemed to be pondering, said ‘hmm a park, to walk free, but not soo free.’ Gandy, who could see the problem, said ‘there needs to be a compromise, but we need consulting.’ He added ‘Not just brushed out of the way.’

I suggested that I thought they should consider a solution in looking for another nice area. Mark Barnside told me ‘I am new and I think of this place as my base.’ I knew just how Mark felt and I do feel sorry for these people who have found the place they want to keep as their meeting place, only to be told they have to move on. These avatars have lots of energy and put their case strongly, but the problem still remains with the new people needing to enjoy their entry into the virtual capital, as their first impressions are vitally important because it determines if they stay in SL or not.

Das Wade is totally aware of the feelings of the Dell Café people and he put round a notice yesterday asking them to participate in solving the problem. I would like to see this nice group of people get together and work out what they need in a meeting place that meets all the criteria of the Hyde Park location. I’m sure if they negotiate properly with the London team something can be sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction.
(Editors Note: Since publishing, remarks made by an avatar at the location have been removed at her request)


HotStuff said...

ill still go to the cafe! ive meet some lovely people there (new and old) when ive been there the newbies have always been given a warm welcome. You cant move people from a place they call home??? thanks for bringing this problem up guys..

Anonymous said...

I got banned a long time ago from Hyde Park as well, and found Green Park is a nice place where nobody is banned for chatting, so I go there from time to time and meet up my friends there. Green Park is lag free and has all the criteria to be the new meeting place for people, and it is just two sims from Hyde Park.

Janey Bracken said...

I notice you don't sign your name when you write about Green Park, is it possible that you are promoting it! clever marketing ploy? I wonder!!!

Ed Follet said...

I think the park is Londons best asset, it should be what attracts the visitors. You used to see people all around, newbs, regulars and visitors. Now it’s largely deserted except the half a dozen or so new arrivals (there are rarely more than that at any time) and the ‘Pond People’ at the Dell. I suspect it is the lack of visitors that is the real issue. The ‘Orientation Area’ might be better placed sharing a low traffic residential sim like (coughs) Chelsea (Kensington has the football ground). That said, you can’t keep the new and, for want of a better word, mature residents separate. As soon as the newbs find their feet (and unexpected wings) they are off looking for some action and handsome avatars to chat to, I know I was. For me this interaction is what brings life, energy and interest to the sim. I understand the need to attract new people who will spend their L$ in the shops but we should also remember that not everybody has or wants a property, for them the park really is their (second) home. My solution? Move the football to Chelsea and put the landing pad on the corner of Kensington nearest the Park. Trying to keep the topography faithful to the real London makes things difficult. But of course things might be totally different once Soho is online.

longtimelondoner said...

"Apparently this is the location that the London team have picked for the people from the Dell Café to use as their meeting area, rather than still gather in Hyde Park. "

i doubt that, there are only certain people on the london team that seem to have picked it, aka the people running the mayfair sim and their supporters. i wonder if other members of the team were even told before that new meeting area was announced that it would be in mayfair? probably not. i went there the other day and was spammed by mayfair group tags for the mayhem club, the coach and horses, but nothing about the actual London, let alone the underground club or any other london based groups. even the signs in the new meeting area are all about mayfair, with a sign saying something like "click here for essential mayfair LMs" funny how they didn't mention any of the other sims? last I checked knightsbridge, chelsea and kensington were still extremely active, especially knightsbridge. this new meeting area was clearly put there by "certain" members of the london team who are set on furthering their own sim and trying to bring down the other more established sims. the reason for putting the new meeting area in mayfair? to up the traffic in that sim, and to lead new residents to soho once it opens.

oh, and as for the actual new meeting area? it's horrid. not one patch of actual green grass in the whole thing, it feels like a being boxed in a brick and horribly textured prison. whoever made it didn't do a very good job, but that was probably because they rushed to get it done before the rest of the team found out.

you won't get the regulars out of hyde park and the dell, the number of them who have been over to the new meeting place and who have hated it is substantial, and they have already voiced their opinion: the new meeting area is crap, let them stay at the old one, they're going to anyway. everyone knows that the mayfair management team is behind this, along with their supporters, the " top London building duo" as they like to call themselves, (incorrectly labeled if you ask me, judging by their "top" building skills)

oh, and btw, before anyone jumps to a conclusion, i'm not a member of the london team, i'm just an outside observer who has been in SLlondon longer than many of the current team and has watched sllondon change staff more times than i can keep track of. don't go thinking you're not expendable, certain members, because i can tell you right now, you are.

oh, and green park is crap, don't listen to that other poster.

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you for your comments guys, keep them coming, I would love to hear some more points of view about the Hyde Park problems.


Debs Regent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debs Regent said...

Janey, as you know I read your column with great interest.

As you know I want to make everyone happy always, however with limited resources this is not always possible. So we do what we think is best given the constraints we have to work within.

Feedback is always useful, especially constructive comments. I really appreciate the intelligent comments from Ed Follet. Thank you Ed - some sensible suggestions here, which we will be looking into.

Sometimes I think it is a shame that we cannot always see the bigger picture - the one where we all grow and learn, make new friends and even (as I have done) converted SL friends into some of the most real and dearest friends you can imagine in your real life.

I am sure we can manage to resolve this situation as soon as possible and for the benefit and happiness of all. Das Wade is putting in a great deal of effort to ensure that everyone gets a say and is listened to. Thank you Das.

... All I can say here is watch this space for very interesting developments shortly to take place.

With love and fondness to everyone involved in any way with London in Second Life.

Please feel free to contact myself or the London Team on any matter - or speak with Janey or Hibiscus.

Yours eternally, Debs Regent

Das Wade said...

Well a solution was found to benefit all. Yes the dell is still there for everyone with some minor agreements between Old Residents.
Should the sim reach 45 people, then they will be expected to move to another club just to give room for New residents to get there feet in a Lag free enviroment(Well Laggish Free).

I would like to point out to everyone in london Sims that I am here to listen to the whole community and there suggestions and ideas as some of the greatest idea for london have come from passing residents.

Should you feel that you could contribute to the running of London in Sl then please Notecard me with your Suggestion. I will put them infront of the Management team at our weekly Meetings.