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Monday, 20 July 2009

Meeting Barack In Mr Todd's

Looking around the shops the other day, yes I still love shopping!!! I noticed a couple of stores worth looking at if you are on a tight budget (and who isn't!!). Pixel dolls, owned by Rhapsody Mubble has some great designs in SL Knightsbridge and lots of stuff for around LS100 and I mean nice clothes, so take a look, day wear and smart casual. Next door to Pixel dolls you can get a real posh evening frock from Hopeless Designs, owned by Spinmaster Voo, for as little as LS25. Not to forget Seany1235 Blinker’s shop, House of Blinker, in the same area where you can get some real bargains.

Mr Todds shop is a little bit different in the Mayfair sim, he advertises that he can supply designed items to suit your needs. Mr Todd's Designs is a great service for people starting out in their own business, he can supply individual signs, logos, adverts for events, and even does scripted stuff for people to click on. This is not an expensive service either, he quotes prices from LS50 to LS100 for scripted items. I went into his shop for a look around and was lucky enough to bump into Barack Obama in there, he said hi and let me take his picture, see even Presidents need help with their canvassing!! Also Mr Todd has a full sized Ferrari in his store for all those Formula 1 fans who want to take a look at the winning car (well not this year maybe!). By the Way Mr Todd states that all profits go to charity, what a nice idea!

Changing the subject completely, the photo competition run by Manager Seany1235 Blinker was won by Georgianna Genesis with her profile picture of the sunlight shining on her. Well done Georgianna it was a great shot!!


Anonymous said...


I would rather meet Tony Blair,


Janey Bracken said...

So would I, but double Ugh!!!! for Blair, got a thing or two I would like to say to him!!!!!

Janey x