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Friday, 10 July 2009

Lindens From Boston Labs Visit SL London

I had a message from SL London builder Menolly Riederer on Tuesday when I logged into SL, Menolly told me that the people in the Boston division of Lindens Labs had teleported into SL London and had a great time. When I asked her about them, Menolly told there were ‘9 of them in fact’ and she continued, they ‘included Darv, Kate, Pathfinder, Siz and Monty.’

SL London builder Rails Bailey told me ‘We met Siz at the Helen Keller Day, got talking as you do with Lindens, Menolly invited Siz to London, not really expecting a visit - as you do, few days later a posse of Lindens turned up to visit London, they were quite taken with the horse rides in the park, Menolly guided them through HP, Mayfair and Chelsea, then they had to leave due to LL Meetings and whatnot.’

I contacted Siz Linden and asked him what he had thought of SL London, he kindly got back to me and said ‘We loved our tour of Virtual London. The Boston Lab does a Second Life tour once a week to interesting places in Second Life. Its a good opportunity for us to get out an about to meet residents and see what's going on in SL.’

He continued ‘I met Rails and Menolly at the Helen Keller event and they mentioned the London build. It just so happens that I'm going to London in RL next week so I wanted to pay a virtual visit first. Everyone loved the tour. Menolly and Rails told us about the horses we could ride and that was a big hit with everyone. Nothing like the clomping of hooves and the neighing of horses to add to the nice effect.’

Siz added ‘Another highlight was a little bungee jumping off the Tower of London. I particularly enjoyed jumping off while still on my horse. There were a lot of people in SL London and riding as a herd of Lindens on horseback was a great way to see the sights and residents. We will have to go back for a return trip to see the rest of the sights.’
I’m sure SL London would love a return visit by the team from the Boston Labs and I hope I’m around to get some pictures! I would like to thank Menolly, Rails and Siz for their comments and also Menolly and Siz for providing the great photographs!

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