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Thursday, 2 July 2009

It Wasn't Gossip, They Are In SL Chelsea

A little while ago I wrote about the Warner Bros sim GossipGirl, I covered a couple of stories for CNN when the GossipGirl Region was having fun with street carnivals and stuff and to my shame I even got ejected and had a bit of an argument with the organisers (I still think I was right!!). Anyway that is all in the past and since then I interviewed the lovely Amy Pritchard (avatar Twig Tomorrow) on the 27 November 2008 for Virtually London (lite). Amy's company looked after the GossipGirl sim. So it is with a little sadness that I read that the GossipGirl sim has now closed. I took a final look yesterday, and although all the buildings are still in tact, the streets were nearly empty of avatars. This sim had been one of the big successes of Second Life, as the GossipGirl show has a lot of loyal followers who have entered SL because of the virtual version. I can verify how loyal they are as they gave me a hard time when I got ejected, well done them for sticking up for the show they love!! (I was still right though!).

Anyway, I had heard that there was going to be a big event happening in SL London a couple of weeks ago, but not told any details, we at Virtually London (lite) are a bit like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on manure! (I'm being polite here!) So I had to stumble over it myself yesterday, part of the GossipGirl sim has been moved to SL Chelsea. Apparently it was opened on Tuesday, so perhaps you out there knew about it before me, which wouldn’t surprise me! While I visited there today I told some of the newcomers about the Underground club, so say ‘Hi’ if you see a few Gossipgirl fans exploring SL London.

Does this mean that Warner Bros are still involved with SL? Well GossipGirl is their baby, so who knows, I don’t!

By the way, the other popular club in SL Mayfair is having a Canadian Day celebration on Saturday and there is money to be won, so check it out!


Anonymous said...

Gossip girls??? Oh no, does that mean the leash is coming out again????

- You know who!

Janey Bracken said...

oops! Never say never!!! you are sooooo funny!!!!