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Friday, 5 June 2009

Spotlight on ..... cutewillow Carlberg

“I love my job, I love the people, they (give) me great joy”. Those are the words of cutewillow Carlberg, popular Underground Club host and the subject of this Virtually London (lite) spotlight. Throughout our interview cutewillow emphasized how much she enjoys her second life, her family and friends, and I am sure anyone who has met her while at the UGC can attest to her warmth and her sense of fun. Recently cutewillow brought kangaroos into the club, creating quite a stir along with lots of laughter and hilarity. She says “I had to do it, (to) make all in the club have some good old fun”.

Cutewillow came to Second Life on July 19, 2007. She learned about SL through friends who were already inworld, so she arrived having people to welcome her and add her to their friends lists. Initially she took on the shape of a fox because she thought “it (would) be fun, its cute ... and I’m a huge dog lover”, then after a month she switched to human form.

Cutewillow has had lots of work experience in SL. Her first job was as a serving wench on a pirate ship, where she worked for almost a year. She has worked as a greeter, the manager of a 1940’s style club and a model. She came to SL London more than 15 months ago, working at the UGC first as a trainee host and then host.

Having been with the UGC for such a long time, cutewillow has had the opportunity to observe changes in the sim. When she first came to SL London, there was not much beyond Knightsbridge, but the sim has expanded a great deal. One of cutewillow’s favourite additions was Big Ben.

As well as working at the UGC cutewillow has many creative interests. She enjoys building and decorating and has been working on her home, which she has named “Whispering Willows”. She describes building her home as the chance to “make something plain into something wondrous and homey”. In RL she embroiders and quilts, and in both SL and RL she writes poetry, taking the time and having the discipline to write something every day. Second Life has “given (her) more freedom to express passion” in what she writes.

“I love my friends, my job, my SL family”. Cutewillow brings this affection and joy with her when she welcomes guests to the UGC, making visitors feel like they are part of her friends and family. Fortunately for all of us.

Hibiscus Hastings

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Anonymous said...

Cute is one of the sweetet ,loyal and well respected member of the London team. Not only that she is one my best friends i consider her part of my slfamily . We talk we laugh and only cutee can get me bouncing on a kangaroo I adore her and i call her cutiepie shesalwys knows where to grab a bargin lots of love Cutiepie
Brie Janick