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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

SL London Nightlife

It looked like the Underground Club had a bit of competition Saturday night, as the Coach and Horses public house in Mayfair had a special event to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s official Birthday.

DJ Shawn Hansome kept the evening running smoothly with his host for the night, Billy Arentire. They had quite a crowd packed into the small bar area, but everyone found room to dance and a good time was had by all.

I noticed on the following nights that Mayfair is taking it’s fair share of avatars who are enjoying the nightlife there, On Sunday, I spotted some of the locals from the Coach and Horses had spilled out drunkenly onto the streets, dancing and knocking back their drinks out in the road. A serious situation, especially with the buses running again!!

I thought the EU had stopped ‘Happy Hour’ in our pubs (they have stopped everything else!), but it looks like binge drinking could be an SL London problem. Who knows where it will all end, especially with 24 hour drinking encouraged by the government! The trouble is we haven’t got enough police on the streets to deal with it. I thought I saw one on the beat the other day, but it turned out to be a cardboard cut out of Gerr Finesmith, no doubt put there to stop people stealing the prims.

Last night the Mayhem club too had a few punters who were enjoying a dance. It’s nice to see Mayfair coming to life, whilst Knightsbridge UGC still has it’s regulars. It appears that the new people coming into SL London are developing a fresh community, just like real London, I wonder if there will be a bit of rivalry with the two SL London Boroughs.

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