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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Girl Power!!!

The Underground Club had been busy earlier, but gradually people left and there were just a few girls, Brie was dj'ing and TXBarbara was the host. Brie suggested that we join in the dance chim and gradually a few more girls joined us in the club, with not a man in sight!!

Soon we were dancing some really cool moves, all in time to the music and all perfectly together, such fun!! The talk soon turned to men and it was a girl power evening. Yes guys we discussed you all while you were away, from putting the bins out to mowing the grass!! We did what women do best we chatted!!

Soon the spell was broken as dj Mike Umaga came through the club door. Mike was a good sport and joined the girls in the chim. Soon we had eleven people dancing, I would love to know if there is a record for how many people can dance in a chim, perhaps someone can tell me.

Thanks Brie and Barb it was a great night!!

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