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Monday, 29 June 2009

From Bog to Sprog How Tweet!!

Nowadays you are taking your life in your hands going to the Underground Club for a night out!! You might get all dressed up with your best gear on, thinking how great you look only to get covered with baby sick or bird mess!! Yes the Underground Club is becoming more like a holiday camp lately!!

You might be given the bird if you crack a bad joke or two, as often goes on with all the regulars while they dance the night away, but to see a couple of budgerigars take to the dance floor is another matter. I have no idea where they escaped from, someone must have left a window open in their SL London home and these two got out, I think the owner ought to be up before the Beak for cruelty, he or she ought to take seed, oops sorry heed not to leave the window open in the future! On the other hand, these two little budgies did look sweet though, I never did find out if they were straight from Australia or were home bred birds (although native Australian Budies are all green, so these must have been true SL Londoners! Cockney budgies not cockney Sparrows!).

The UGC is also becoming a bit of a crèche lately, Truths Marder and truthsprincess Baramm brought their little baby onto the dance floor, and Truths danced with the tot on his arm. I kept a close eye on things and I thought I could see the baby doing some great moves! He was turning a bit green though, so I kept well away on the other side of the room just in case he brought up his milk and baby rusks! Next thing Trevor Rookstown and Janet Waverider brought their sprog into the club, this time Janet had the tiny baby in a hammock strapped to the front of her. There Janet was, dancing in the Caramel dance line with the poor little thing bouncing up and down trying to get some shuteye! Is this cruelty to babies or cruelty to clubbers? I’d like your opinion! Do we need a baby changing room in the UGC? Should there be a milk vending machine? Can I claim against the club to get the baby sick cleaned off my clothes? Only ‘kid’ding! I can only recommend turning the volume down and playing ‘Hush, hush, hush’ by the Pussycat Dolls if the tots start crying!

Then again should a club be a place for small children when you get some adult behaviour going on. A newbie called Boggleface (yes Boggleface!!) came into the club wearing nothing but red underpants and looked around the dance floor before making a beeline for a newbie girl called Jasmengirly. There was a bit of small talk between Boggleface and Jasmengirly, and then she asked Boggleface if they should sit down, which they did, in the chairs at the side of the dance floor. Not to feel left of out things Jasmengirly stipped off to her underwear. I wouldn’t mind but they sat in the corner under a list of all the club rules, which includes keeping your clothes on.

Ever watchful Brie Janick spotted them and gave them a warning, to which Jasmengirly decided to put her clothes back on and Boggleface walked out, not giving up his red underpants for anyone! Poor Jasmengirly sat alone waiting for someone else to ask her to dance or whatever she wanted them to ask her to do, as Boggleface called it a night and give his red underpants a wash and brush up for the next day.
All in all a normal night at the UGC!!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, was that baby Done up like a puppy's dinner?

-You know who

Janey Bracken said...

Very funny!! I know just who you are!!!