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Monday, 22 June 2009

A Cloudy Start, But Sunny Time For Someone At The UGC

SL has really been playing me up lately, logging on and finding I can’t move my avatar and then Saturday night crashing and not being able to get back on till Sunday morning, then changing my clothes and finding I am ‘see through’ where my top should be, spooky or what? Anyway I read Second and they are having emergency repairs on the server, so I hope it’s all fixed now!

Talking about SL oddness, Hibiscus and I were standing in our individual apartments talking the other day and I thought the sky was a little bit cloudy, a particularly fluffy cloud kept sailing past our window, it stopped just outside, you could almost see it misting up the windows.

Suddenly the cloud spoke, first to Hibiscus, and then, moving up a floor, to me. He was asking how much the apartments were and if he could get one, usual sort of conversation, only not with a cloud usually!! When we told him he was a cloud he wouldn’t believe us, insisting that he looked suave on his computer. He sped off at what he thought was insult about him looking like a cloud and landed up on the roof. We sat watching him and suddenly he rezzed into view. He sat there trying different hairstyles until he found one he liked and decided to go visiting again. Elizabetta had returned to her apartment by that time, and next thing, he had landed at her door, only to be swiftly sent away, perhaps he was still a cloud to her, who knows!

I have no idea why some people stay clouds on my viewer and never rez whilst other people can see them, or sometimes they are clouds to everyone. I suppose it’s better than the old days though when people stayed grey blobs or rezzed without hair (scream!!!!!).

Changing the subject, if you do want your head in the clouds? and have been in SL for longer than 2 months, there is a sign at the Underground Club offering jobs for dj’s and hosts. You would be working with a great bunch of people if you get the job and working in the best club in SL. You can get the application forms from the board outside the club.


Anonymous said...

I've never run across anyone who was "see-through" like the pic you posted! How odd! There are people that I wish I didn't have to see or hear, but that's another story!!!

- Drax

Janey Bracken said...

It was a bit strange, I suppose it was handy if I wanted to see if anyone was standing behind me, lol!! You will have to tell me who you would like to see disappear, perhaps we can arrange a hit squad!!

Janey x