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Monday, 1 June 2009

Buses Are Back!!!

A long time ago when I first arrived in SL London one of the things that amused me the most was the fact that buses ran around the streets of the virtual capital. Ok they did look a little bit rough round the edges, but they were great fun. I remember being in SL Chelsea with a group of friends and we all boarded the bus for a tour of the sim. I even wrote about the buses when I first started working for Virtually London (lite). We had all sat on the top deck and I remember laughing at my keyboard as our avatars all sat with their heads down looking really depressed as the bus sped through the streets. I suppose the pose balls have improved since those days, at least I hope so.

The buses were luckily ‘phantom’, I lost count of the amount of times I stood chatting in Knightsbridge, outside the Underground Station, only to have one of the buses run me over (well run through me more like!!). It amazed me then, the frequency in which they ran, lots better than real life London transport buses.

Then one day they were gone, no longer trundling around the SL London streets, and I must confess I really missed them. They added life and colour to the virtual capital and I used to love dodging them with my car (well Hibiscus will tell you I can’t drive straight, but don’t believe her!!).

Then the other day I got a call from SL London Director Das Wade to come over to the Kensington sim. I met him and his fiancée, Cleo Charleville, by the roadside and there it was a silver bus coming towards us. Das explained that they had been testing the buses and we jumped on the graffiti strewn bus for a little ride. It was an unusually smooth run, although my pose ball on the seat did mean I was sticking through the side of the bus, perhaps Das is trying to do me in!!! Once we stopped and got off, Das showed me a smart new red bus that would be on the roads as well, I guess by this time you have seen them, just what SL London needs, and I for one am glad they are back!!!


Hibiscus said...

I too am glad the buses are back, the citizens of SL London will be much safer if Janey is taking public transport!
I used to enjoy watching them from my apartment window as they went around SL Chelsea. And people associate London and the double decker buses. They add a lot to the sim, so I will look forward to seeing them again.

Das Wade said...

Dear London Visitors,

I am glad that you now have some Public transport in place, We as london team would like to apologies for the NYC Subways Trains, But as you know times are hard and we got them as a Job Lot!.

We will replace them with new trains in the foreseeable future.
(Dependant on Debs Regent's Expense Account Claims and Second Home)


Das Wade

Janey Bracken said...

I hope Debs didn't take any advice on her expenses and second home from Lord (cough!) Mandleson!!

Das Wade said...

Hi Janey,

Lord (Cough) Mandelson hasnt been seen since last year.

I believe it was due to the press????

Janey Bracken said...

Who me?? surely not!!!