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Monday, 15 June 2009

Bee Bop Night at the UGC

It was a real blast from the past at the Underground Club on Friday night!! DJ Troy Iwish and host TXBarbara Bailey (and later on DJ Janis Short and host BilliAnn Bravin) got everyone to rock their socks off with a 1950/1960’s evening. This seemed to go down very well with the clubbers, who came up with some fantastic outfits. The star of the show was undoubtedly Jaine Avro who had the biggest dirndl skirt on I have ever seen in pink and black, she had great detail too with her 1950’s hair and accessories, well done Jaine for coming first in the competition!! The Club looked great too, with two bright red Cadillac’s parked outside and inside a vinyl disc dance floor.

1 comment:

Elizabetta Westland said...

Congrats to Jaine for a lovely outfit and winning top prize! What a wonderful event the Sock Hop was, one of the best events ever at the UGC! Great pics, Janey! :)