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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Surprising Sights

I recently wrote about hearing things in SL London, but it turns out that you never quite know what you will see either.

I often walk about the London sims to see what’s going on. While wandering through Hyde Park I came across a beautiful and colourful flock of birds as well as some bunny rabbits. The London greeters and managers must have decided to have an impromptu fancy dress welcoming party.

Feebe Fearne and Nijel Charles made a very fine couple with their brilliant plumage, while Elizabetta Westland chose pink (!) feathers and a lovely sun hat, in which to catch some rays.
Rails Bailey wore roller skates along with a Hawaiian style outfit, complete with lei, grass skirt and flower behind one bunny ear.

Xstorm Radek decided to go for the psychedelic look with a tie dye shirt and butterfly wings contrasting with his dark indigo feathers. Vermus Dryke morphed through a number of outfits. When I arrived he was walking around with a plunger, hopefully there were no plumbing problems in the sim. A little later on he turned into Julius Caesar, complete with daggers. It looked painful, I hope he was careful when he removed the knives.Welcoming newbies and helping them out is an important task and it is nice to see that the London managers and greeters also bring some fun to the job.

Hibiscus Hastings

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