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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Second Fashion Show To Be Held In SL London

It is with great pleasure that I announce the second Fashion Week in SL London! Last year’s event was truly amazing, especially considering that this had been the first time SL London had arranged such an ambitious week long project!!

Event organizer, Cleo Charleville gave me some information regarding the coming event, it says ‘This is the 2nd annual Fashion week, it is something London in-world is proud to represent, to identify the couture and visionary ideas of fashionitas worldwide in a virtual experience.’

SL London sim owner, Debs Regent, told me that over 20 top SL designers are interested already, and anyone who wishes to take part will have to hurry to get their catwalk shows booked before all the slots are taken. It is also a good place to get your SL or real life company’s name ‘out there’ as a Sponsor, enjoying VIP treatment and great publicity for your product.

You can also book an ‘expo lot’ to display and sell your products, once again there will be a limited amount of lots and it is a good idea to book early. The provisional date is the 18th September (which could be subject to change).

I, along with reporter Hibiscus Hastings, covered the whole week last year, and although hard work, it was tremendously exciting and a joy to work on. We have some incredible designers in SL and I am looking forward to another great show this year.

Any queries regarding the Fashion Show should be sent to Cleo Charleville in-world.

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