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Friday, 15 May 2009

Saxmundham's Galleria

A new gallery has taken up residence in the Mayfair sim. On Saturday night Stella Saxmundham, owner of Saxmundham’s Galleria, held a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of her gallery. Saxmundham’s Galleria was packed with elegantly dressed avatars dancing, sipping champagne, and most importantly, enjoying the art works on display.

I spoke with Stella a few hours before the opening. She explained that she is fairly new to Second Life, having joined in late December, 2008. However, she threw herself into the virtual world, buying a sim and creating a home for herself (which she describes as “Frank Lloyd Wright meets Turkish Ottoman”) as well as meeting people and making friends. During this period she encountered the artist featured at the opening, Declan McDowell (rl Olivier Hudner). Stella is an artist herself, and has dreamed of having a gallery in rl. Seeing Declan’s work spurred her on to opening a gallery in SL, in which she plans to showcase the work of emerging artists. We can look forward to seeing Stella’s own work in the fall.
Declan McDowell (Olivier Hudner) is a photographer living and working in the south of France. He is self taught and finds inspiration in the everyday world around him, capturing spontaneous actions and fleeting moments. Many different subjects and genres can be found in his work including landscapes, portraits, abstractions, nature studies and what Hudner calls recycled art, an example of which is a photograph Hudner took of some graffiti and which can be seen in the gallery. Hudner has also photographed celebrities such as Johnny Clegg and Lara Fabian, as well as live concert events. The works are vibrant and striking, often focusing in on and exposing details that we tend to overlook in the day to day rush of our lives.

Also on display is a series of works depicting beards, which Stella says is a favourite subject of hers. In addition there are antiques and tapestries on display.

Saxmundham’s Galleria is a welcome addition to the art scene in SL London. Drop by to see the artworks, visit the wine bar and socialize with some friends.

To learn more about Olivier Hudner and view his works, go to

Hibiscus Hastings

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