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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pirate Rogues Galore At The UGC

The Underground Club was taken over by pirates on Sunday afternoon, who flooded the place and in general created havoc, as is the way of such scurvy folk. DJ Corolla Corobase was at the helm, ably assisted by her first mate TXBarbara Bailey. The motley crew of pirates, wenches and parrots inhabiting the UGC, danced, drank and indulged in the shameless use of such words (?) and phrases as Arrgh, avast, shiver me timbers, as well as pointed references to hooks and suggestions of possibly unauthorized ways of using the plank that was placed in front of the dj’s booth. Thoughtfully provided was a keg of rum, and at least one person, who shall remain anonymous (initials HH), was seen to be enjoying a hot mug of rum throughout the party.

Pirates apparently have wide-ranging tastes in music. DJ Corolla played music by the Irish Rovers, as well as music from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Chic’s Le Freak (who knew that was a pirate favourite), Guns ‘n Roses, Three Dog Night and Bon Jovi. Eclectic to say the least.

Truthsprincess Baramm took home a treasure chest and there were four first place winners in the very popular “Best Costume” contest. They were: Gold Cazalet, Gustavo Lionheart, Amourette Dubrovna and christopher Treves. Second place prizes were given out to 10 other avatars. The costumes were all outstanding, Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann (or their twins) were in the house, as well as some peg legged souls and other tattered creatures. They all looked very much at home in the stunningly decorated UGC, complete with sand, waves and sea water covering the floor.Towards the end of the party DJ Corolla spoke very movingly about how SL unites people from all over the world and those who heard her were very touched by her words and sentiments. Let’s hope there will be many more happy times at the UGC to continue bringing us all together.

Hibiscus Hastings

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