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Thursday, 7 May 2009

New Fire Station In SL Kensington

You would think with the credit crunch and the economy in a downward spiral, that local services would be cut right back wouldn’t you!! Not so in SL London! I went roaming around Kensington yesterday and came across a brand new Fire Station. There was even a fire engine outside ready to go out on call (no longer any need to worry about your pussycat stuck up a tree, or your kid with his head stuck in the park railings!!). So we can all sleep easy in our virtual houses and apartments with the safe knowledge that we will not burn to death because we left the chip pan on! I wonder if they want anyone to drive the fire engine! my driving has improved a little bit (although Hibiscus refuses to believe it!) and I wouldn’t have to worry about other cars because I could put my sirens and flashing lights on and they would all get out of my way! Oh well I’m not sure the uniform would suit me anyway, big helmet and a pair of wellies!

There is a bit of a mystery near the Fire Station though, someone (and I’m not telling who) has put up a strange notice, looks all official but the wording seems a bit ‘tongue in cheek’. It says ‘NOTICE – This Department requires no physical fitness program. Everyone gets enough exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, running down the boss, knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility and pushing their luck.’ Not the sort of official notice you see around in SL London, but quite interesting, is there trouble brewing? Could we need the Fire Brigade to douse the flames of anger?

Next to the Fire Station there is a real life picture of St Mary Abbots Church and it looks like this may be the next building being planned for SL Kensington. Further along the road, near the Greyhound Public House, I spotted a lorry with a forklift truck next to it. It did cross my mind to have a drive of the lorry, but then I thought the forklift truck might be easier to negotiate around the narrow streets. I eventually decided to leave the ‘joy riding’ for another day though, I daren’t let on to Hib that I was planning to be loose on the roads again, she would never come out of her apartment!


Hibiscus said...

No! Don't let Janey drive! Believe me "joy riding" is not the way to describe it.

Janey Bracken said...

Awww Hib! and I thought you enjoyed our spin through London last time I drove!! Mind you, you were a bit quiet and a bit ashen now I think about it......

Das Wade said...

Aww Hibs, Ive Seen Janeys Driving and nothing wrong with it.

But then we did widen all the roads in London, Maybe Debs had seen Janeys Driving too?????

Janey Bracken said...

Hey you two, ganging up on me, well maybe Debs is too!! I've seen that picture of me on her blog!!!