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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More Surprising Sights – Kangaroos in the UGC!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some surprising sights I had seen while wandering around the London sims. At that time I happened to run into some of the London greeters and managers who had turned themselves into colourful birds or bunny rabbits. On Saturday evening another surprising sight was to be seen, this time in the Underground Club.

Janey and I have gotten into the habit of going to the UGC at the end of the day, and this Saturday night was no different. When I arrived Brie Janick was dj’ing and cutewillow Carlberg was hosting. I had no sooner entered when a little blue notice went up in the corner of my computer screen saying that cute had given me a kangaroo! A kangaroo! This was a puzzle. Others received kangaroos too, and cute told us to wear them. After putting the kangaroo on, a menu appeared, everyone clicked on dance, and there we were, hopping about the dance floor of the UGC. It was such a sight, kangaroos had invaded the sim! At one point Amourette Dubrovna, nils Tomorrow, Issa Hendes, Trevor Rookstown, Janey and I were dancing away with our kangaroos, while Mancha Larnia got into the spirit of the evening by donning a zebra avatar. To complete the scene Brie played “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar soundtrack for all of us.

In the middle of all this Seany1235 Blinker walked in, and although he must have been surprised, he quickly joined in, first as a lion, which probably made Mancha the zebra nervous, and then as a snow leopard. After Seany left, Mancha was to be seen calming his nerves with a Guinness at the bar. I’m not sure the barstool was able to withstand his weight, though, as he was a rather large zebra, so the staff will probably have to check that out. However, maybe not, he was pretty light on his feet doing the caramel (a surprising sight in itself) and later on he flew about the room for a bit. I don’t know what is more unusual, a dancing zebra or a flying one.

Thanks to cutewillow for her inspired thinking. Everyone had a great time.

Hibiscus Hastings


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Hibs

The SLEU Regulation on the movement of pet animals also covers birds (except certain poultry), ornamental tropical fish, invertebrates (except bees and crustaceans), amphibians and reptiles. The rules for the movement of these species between SL EU countries, and into the SL EU, have not yet been set by the SL European Commission. To bring these animals into the SLLondon they must meet either national import rules or the general rules for trade in the animal species.

I will check with the australian Management in Lonodn as to how these animal have got here and there relevant paperwork.

Your sincerly

Das Wade

Janey Bracken said...

Does this include Magpies? I've seen one in SL London, perhaps we ought to clip his wings!!!!