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Friday, 8 May 2009

Maryrose's New Shop

I spotted a shop in Mayfair yesterday and recognised designer Maryrose Mariani’s name. She has opened a shop called Bellissima and it’s a little bit different to the normal run of the mill shops in the sim. Maryrose sells beds, furniture and couches.

As most people can gather, Second Life is quite famous for it’s romances and relationships and people do have virtual sex lives, which anyone who has never signed into SL must find very strange. However, it is a fact of virtual life that people do get together and sex can be part of their 'in-world' partnerships. Maryrose’s shop specialises in bedroom furniture and couches, which are scripted to let virtual couples enjoy anything from a hug to whatever lovemaking pose they wish to achieve. Even if you don’t wish to use the poses sold with the furniture, you can still buy one of these lovely beds or couches to complete that SL home of yours.

There are medieval, rural or modern designs to pick from in various colours and they would suit anything from a castle to an apartment in SL London. The couches too are in lots of different colours and very well made.

So if you are furnishing your SL home and need some nice furniture to finish that bedroom off, go and see Maryrose’s collection and you won’t be disappointed.

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