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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Konrad Jansma at the Knightsbridge Gallery

There is an exciting art display at the Knightsbridge Gallery. Artist Konrad Jansma is exhibiting his real life work and he has some wonderful paintings on display. Konrad’s bold use of colour and relaxed style does not hide the professional artist at work, his paintings are full of life and movement.

Based in the real life North East of England, his press release reads ‘His primary inspiration is landscape – both the natural landscapes of the Northumbrial National Park, and the industrial scenery of the Tyne estuary. Recently he has become interested in interpreting the landscapes of SL, and has made a number of studies of the Cetus and other districts.

Konrad uses acrylic and oil on prepared paper in real life, transferring his work to SL by digital camera. If you are interested in buying any of Konrad’s real life work you should contact him in-world.

Go along to the Knightsbride Gallery for a look at Konrad’s beautifull paintings, you will be both amazed and inspired!!

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