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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It's Been Virtually One Year!!

Well while we were on the subject of birthdays on Monday, there was one date that slipped quietly by, and that’s the day that Virtually London (lite) was born. It was started by Nikk Huet, it’s creator, on 13th May 2008, when he told us that the new blog was to cover the SL London sims and he was looking for reporters to submit London stories. I had seen a notice advertising for reporters and as I already had experience writing for CNN in SL, plus keeping my own private blog of my virtual world, I decided to see Nikk about the post. Nikk first appointed me as Assistant Editor, then as Editor and finally owner. I never realised at the time that this would mean me posting a story every working day since then, and sometimes on Saturdays too, but there is so much going on in the London sims that I usually have enough news to keep me busy, and hopefully keep the readers of the blog interested in coming back for more. I am also so lucky to have the two best writers in SL working for me, Chief Reporter Hibiscus Hastings and Journalist Pixi Piers!

I have seen SL London grow, not only in the smart new buildings and sims being added (Hyde Park, which is already open and includes the Gateway for new people. Soho too, which is still under construction, will soon be a focal point of interest), but I have seen the virtual population multiply too. People soon realise that the London sims are a good place to make their base and there is the hard working, extremely efficient, London Team to help them with whatever problems they may have. The London Team also make sure that there is plenty going on to keep people informed and entertained. The shops in the London sims have also filled up with people making their businesses there, some even linked to real life businesses. Yes it is a thriving, bustling virtual capital.

One thing about SL is that nothing is permanent, people build then destroy places as new places spring up, I have seen changes in SL London too, the beautiful Mayfair theatre (which people have enquired about recently) has disappeared, I learned that the contract was not renewed with the owner, so sadly it went. Our very own office in the DMGT building in SL Kensington is no more, although the shell of the building exists, again a great pity as the interior was wonderful.

Changes will happen as time goes on, but building in SL gets better and more detailed all the time, so the future is bright for virtual cities such as London and hopefully Virtually London (lite) will be there to inform everyone what is in store for their favourite SL place.

If you have any amazing stories to tell us just give us a shout, that’s me, Hibiscus Hastings and Pixi Piers, your Virtual News Hounds, and don’t forget you can support us and keep us going by clicking in our ads in the side bar!!

Happy Birthday to Virtually London (lite) on our very first year of publication!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love your blog!

JonC Weatherwax said...

Yes the Mayfair Theatre has moved and I'd be happy to tell everyone where and why.

Basically it wasn't bringing in enough punters to the sim so Debs cancelled the deed.

However there is going to be a new virtual West End sim very soon which will be built to entertain, educate and celebrate the wonderful Variety of British entertainment and to demonstrate the wonderful potential of building in SL, and not with an underlying drive to simply make money.

JonC Weatherwax Owner and builder Mayfairtheatre in Second Life

Nik Hewitt said...

And thanks Janey, and everyone, for all the awesome work over the last 12 months. There's always something great on the blog about SL London, and I still read every story :-)

Ham Rambler said...

Congrats guys, great to see things progress, grow and develop.

Hibiscus said...

Congratulations Janey, you have done an incredible amount of work. Funny how in some ways time seems to fly by and at the same time it is hard to remember a time before all this. It has been a great pleasure working with everyone.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it was just yesterday when you started writing here. Many thanks to Nik for starting this blog. Kudos to Hibiscus and Pixi for their wonderful stories. Most of all, hats off to you Janey for all of the hard work and dedication that you have put forth to make it such a success. You have done an outstanding job!!!!
- Drax Ember

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you all for your comments!! JonC, really nice to hear from you! and I will look with interest at the new sim you mention, the SL Mayfair theatre was fabulous, and it's not forgotten as you can see! Thanks Nikk, I hope you will still put some films on here in the future if you get the chance!! Thanks Ham and Anonymous for your kind comments! You are right Hib, it has gone so quick but seems like we have always been writing on here, you are a treasure Hib, couldn't do it without you! And big thank you Drax, you have always supported everthing I do and that means such a lot!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Mayfair Theatre is open this time on the new sim, As it was on a Locked parcel for over 9 months in Mayfair, Maybe thats the reason why it wasnt renewed??.

JonC Weatherwax said...

Maybe this isn't thje pace to discuss the mayfair. If you were not anonymouis then we'd be able o chat.

Unlikle most builds on this and other sims it was decided to open when it was finished to the best of our abilities. It was open for over 3 months. And the only offer of help from the sims 'management' was to virtually take the place over.

Das Wade said...

Hi Janey, Its been a Year WOW! Congrats and heres to another great year, I promise youll have loads to report on :-)

if you wish to discuss the non renewal of the contract Mayfair Theatre please contact me, Im sure I can put you straight on it.