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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Union Jack Fun at the UGC!

The Underground Club in Knightsbridge is well known for its themed evenings, and the other night I went along to join in the dancing, only to see that they were having the ‘Best In Union Jack’ night. Hostess TXBarbara Bailey sent me a message asking if I would like a Union Jack tee shirt so I could enter the contest, so I accepted and changed from my party dress into the tee shirt and jeans. TXBarbara was looking after all the customers by calling out to see any of them wanted a tee shirt so they could take part. TXBarbara, dj Brie Janick and the other host for the night Elizabetta Westland were all dressed up in Union Jack style clothes, as were a lot of the clubbers, it was a really colourful sight.

The votes went in for the best dressed and I’m pleased to say a few people won, including me! I received L$250 to my delight, the club certainly gives out some good cash prizes for dressing up, which is a bit of fun anyway. Thanks TXBarbara for handing me the tee shirt and thanks to the people who voted as well.

It was nice to see Elizabetta hosting in the UGC, Elizabetta, a loyal clubber, has finally become a host. Congratulations Elizabetta, you are doing a great job!!

When I was in the club a few nights ago I noticed a new pose ball in the middle of the dance floor and recognised it as the same one I had seen at Woodstock when the London Team had a night out there. The pose ball is called ‘Polonaise’ and when you click on it you all run around the room like lunatics in a line, it’s hilarious and I’m glad they have installed one at the UGC it’s such a laugh!!


Anonymous said...

It's the Union FLAG

The Union JACK is flown on ships of the Royal Navy and is an entirely different flag.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi, yes thank you for correcting my error, I was aware of the Flag being wrongly called a Union Jack, and it was my mistake when I wrote the article. I have been guilty of calling the flag a Union Jack in the past and I think it is a common error with lots of people, so thanks again for pointing this out :)