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Friday, 3 April 2009

Tortue Rouge in Knightsbridge

A new store is opening right in the middle of SL Knightsbridge. It’s an unusual shaped pink building and it’s called Tortue Rouge.

Tortue Rouge is a real life company selling Organic Beauty items, which include flower essences, health products, herbal products, massage oils, natural organic products, and organic essential oils. The Anglo-French business will be opening its doors soon in SL and it looks like customers will be able to order real products from within the SL Knightsbridge store.

Tortue Rouge also plan to run tutorial videos ‘in-world’ teaching people how to make their own beauty products. This is the way forward for real life companies trying to get their product out there to a worldwide platform and I wish them luck in Second Life London.

The exciting part about this company is the fact that they are one of the SL London community partners. By becoming a community partner Tortue Rouge will gain all the benefits of marketing their products in the SL environment (see Debs Regent’s SL London Virtual Community for more information).
Debs has opened the door to other companies becoming community partners and making her vision of real life businesses, using a virtual world to promote their products, into a reality.
Debs will be attending Olympia this weekend where she is meeting the real people behind Tortue Rouge. These are exciting times both for SL London and new community partners alike.

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