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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Surprise Visitor to SL London

I stood talking to Hibiscus tonight in SL Knightsbridge, when I suddenly had an IM message from Niko Linden. I had met Niko briefly on St Valentines Day, when the Lindens were all giving out Valentine kisses. I had been asking each of the Lindens if they would kindly give me one of their bears (each Linden has a unique bear). Niko got in touch with me tonight and said he had been reading my blog, Janey's Place in Second Life, when he realised that he had missed my request for a bear. Niko asked whether I would still like one, and I said 'yes please!' With that Niko asked for a teleport and next thing he joined us in Knightsbridge. Niko told me that he had felt bad about missing my request and had made a brand new bear just for me. He told us that his old one was kinda frail anyway. I was very honoured to receive such a lovely bear, his name is Mini Niko and I will treasure him. Niko asked me where we were and I told him SL London, he said 'oh, London, that's awesome.' Thank you for dropping by Niko and giving me the fantastic bear.
I have been lucky over the last few days, I had seen Teagan Linden at the Valentine's day event as well, and I had met her before in another sim. Teagan had hair that kept changing colour and I said how nice it looked. Last week Teagan got in touch and sent me the secret of the colour change hair and now I have colour change hair too!! So far all the Lindens I have met have been very nice and it's a pleasure to meet them.

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