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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Spotlight on - Janey Bracken

Occasionally Virtually London (lite) spotlights certain people in and around the London area. We are very fortunate to have a wealth of intelligent and talented people around us. I have travelled to many places in Second Life, but I've never met a more friendly group of people than in the London Sims. There is one person though who stands out above all others, she is the nicest person you could ever wish to meet. I can only be talking about our very own ----- Janey Bracken! Janey, this is your Second Life, Janey was born at an early age, in fact her rez day, 29th March 2007, was only a few days ago.

Janey wandered around Second Life as a frightened newbie until she came across a place called Murray. Unfortunately the place was filled with griefers, and although they kept ejecting her, she fought back and kept returning time and time again. She eventually got talking to a few of the friendlier locals who showed her how to protect herself. "Sometimes I look back on those days, and think that the griefing was a good thing in a way. It taught me a good lesson about Second Life, not only in self defence but also, not everyone is friendly. I made a lot of good friends in Murray, and I still stay in touch with them even to this day.”

One of these friends suggested to Janey that she should write a blog, it was whilst travelling the sim's looking for interesting stories to write about, that she met someone who was about to change her life forever, (no it wasn't a judge!). It was a lady called Wheemzel DeCuir and her husband BengalTiger. Wheemzel informed Janey that the news media CNN had come into Second Life and that they were looking for writers. Janey went along to one of their meetings and met some real life reporters who encouraged her to write stories, and post them on their news site.

It was at this time that Janey met Hibiscus Hastings, and although she didn't know it, Hibiscus would become not only a work colleague, but also a very close friend. "I love being a reporter" Janey said,"finding interesting stories, travelling all over the sim's, interviewing people, looking for that big scoop.” In my opinion Janey was born to write, if you look closely enough you will see that Janey doesn't have regular fingers! they’re pencils, each one sharpened, always ready! hehe. There is also a rumour going round the office that she has had a mini keyboard surgically implanted into her left forearm lol. Janey's big break came when as a reporter for CNN, she was asked to cover an American Congress meeting. History was being made, as it was the first time Congress had entered into a virtual world, "and I was there reporting about it" she said."I received a letter from the Congressional people later, thanking me for covering the story, which was really nice. I try to write at least one story a week for CNN, and I have met some nice people and I really appreciate the help they have given me."

The next memorable event for Janey came in June 2008, when she answered an in-world advert from Multi Media Manager Nik Hewitt, who was working for the Daily Mail. He was looking for reporters to write about Second Life London, Janey applied for the job and was immediately made assistant Editor. "I was actually earning my first SL wage" she said. Straight down the pub then, hey Janey? lol. Janey went on to tell me that she loves writing about the London Sim, which is owned by the wonderful and hard working Debs Regent. It wasn't long before Janey was promoted to Editor of the blog, and was able to employ as chief reporter a brilliant writer and good friend Hibiscus Hastings. Another best friend is Drax Ember, "He has always been there for me, giving me encouragement, advice and helping me through the bad times that life sometimes throws at you. Nothing to do with his good looks then Janey? lol."I would like to thank Nik Hewitt for giving me the chance to write for the London blog, and for all his help. "I would also like to thank Debs Regent and her wonderful hard working team, who have become close friends to me. Janey likes to keep her real life private, although she did tell me she lives in the UK!!! (thanks for that Janey, I'm going to have to improve my interrogation techniques I think lol)

Janey lists some of her bad points as being bossy, organising, opinionated and says she is guilty of making her mind up about people in the first few minutes of meeting them, and she's usually right! Some of Janey's good points are ???? lol, only joking Janey (Hib made me do it) Janey is fiercely loyal to her friends and will always come to their defence if need be. She is very generous, forward planning, a good listener and intelligent. She has a fantastic sense of humour, is very witty and can be straight talking, like when she reads this she might say " Pixi, your fired" --- Did I mention beautiful? yes extremely beautiful, and very forgiving. I met Janey by accident only a few months ago, but that chance meeting turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me. Janey turned me from a frightened unsure newbie, into the confident person you see today. She has always been there for me, every time I had a problem or need some good advice, it was Janey who sorted it out for me, and she still does to this day. I am truly honoured and very proud that you call me a friend. So a big thank you Janey, not only from me, but from everybody who's lives you have touched with your kindness, humour and friendship. I would just like to say a big thank you to Hibiscus Hastings, for the help and advice she has given me in writing this article.

Pixi Piers

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Janey Bracken said...

Thank you Pixi for such a lovely write up!! blushes!!! It was my lucky day when I met you and Hib, and I am so pleased you are both my colleagues as well as best friends. And no, you are not sacked!!! It was really nice of you to write such kind words!!!