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Friday, 24 April 2009

Nudies in SL London

The London team quite often have problems with people who have a wardrobe malfunction in SL, and Wednesday just gone, saw two under dressed avatars prancing about in SL Knightsbridge. You do wonder what is going on with these people, as it is a little bit hard to lose all your clothes, unless you click the pie chart to remove them all, but then again these two had bits on, one had shoes and socks and the other one had camouflage underpants (very attractive!! Not!).

Someone gave out the alarm call on the London England chat line and within a second or two Clive Hissop was on the scene. Clive, as ever, showing lots of patience with the two men, took them to one side and explained how they should dress themselves in the PG sim, even giving one guy an outfit to wear. I have my reservations about accidental nudity in SL, it’s normally guys who decide that they have no idea how to wear clothes! You do get women of course, but not near as many! It’s a good job that newbie males are born without their ‘little bits and pieces’ attached, (if you know what I mean!), otherwise I think we would have quite a few more thinking that we want to admire them (wrongly!!).

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