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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mini-Golf in SL Hyde Park

Mini-golf has come to Hyde Park. After logging on recently, I was surprised and happy to discover a notecard from Menolly Riederer saying that mini-golf was now available for residents and visitors, so I went over right away to have a go. I met up with Seany1235 Blinker and Brie Janick, who were also trying it out.

The course itself is very pretty, with lots of flowers and greenery. There are nine holes altogether, with all the things you expect to see on a mini-golf course such as windmills, bridges, water traps and winding curves. Believe me, I took full advantage of each obstacle, whacking the ball way outside the green, or off the base of the windmill, or up the bridge only to watch it come back down the same way. This is a very challenging course. Brie and Seany took to it much more quickly than me, not surprisingly I guess, because I am very SL challenged. I also suspect that they “helped” the ball a bit, since I heard Brie say something about rezzing the ball in the hole, but I will make no further comment. All’s fair in SL mini-golf. At the end Brie left saying “I think I’ll go eat some cake”, a very appropriate way to finish the round.

A little later on I returned with a friend to see if I could manage a bit better. This time Head London Greeter Clive Hissop showed up to offer words of encouragement. Clive, as was reported in the Friday, April 10th edition of Virtually London (lite) is someone who has, to quote the article, “so much patience and kindness towards new people” and in this case he was giving an “old” person the benefit of his support and encouragement. After watching me struggle for a bit he said “it’s not easy is it”, which is indeed very true and I was so pleased to hear that someone who is so good at SL also had some difficulties. Then a little later on, while we were still at the first hole Clive commented “ok I’ll come back next year when u get to the other end:)”. I have always enjoyed Clive’s sense of humour. When I did get to the hole and couldn’t get the ball in, Clive kindly let me in on the secret, which was “there’s no hole:)”!As Clive said the course is not easy but it is lots of fun.

I hope this will be a great success and if anyone ever wants a partner, I am always game, so IM me.

Hibiscus Hastings

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bAnd what great cake it was to Hibs yummie