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Friday, 17 April 2009

Men's Stores In SL London

There are lots of wonderful shops for women in SL London (I’m pleased to say!!) and gradually we are getting some great men’s stores too. There is one store in the classy Burlington Arcade called SynFus with a good selection of male clothing including some hair too, great for smart/casual wear.

Also a brand new shop has opened in Knightsbridge, owned by Micheal Raleigh (who is a reseller), it's called [CDD] Creations @ London, with some really stylish menswear, check out the eyes for sale too, all sorts, including animal eyes and some very nice male Neko hair with a choice of colour highlights. Men had been having a pretty bad deal in SL with clothes and hair, but I’m glad to say things a really looking up as more and more designer stores are filling the gap in the market.

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