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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Janis and Morrissey Short - A Real Romance

DJ Janis Short is a well known member of the London community. Lots of us have spent many happy hours in the Underground Club enjoying the music she plays. So it was a great pleasure for me to interview her and her SL husband Morrissey Short recently.

I was invited to their beautiful skybox home for the interview. The home is on three levels. The lowest level houses a private club they have set up, The Onyx Club. The middle level is their living space and the top level is a gorgeous roof garden. This is where we spent most of our time. Floating up in the sky, surrounded by greenery and flowers, the Short home is truly a little piece of heaven.

Janis joined Second Life in October, 2007, while Morrissey first came in world the following month. Morrissey lives in RL London. Janis is across the pond in New York, but has always considered London her second home because she feels so comfortable there, so naturally both headed for the London sims very early in their second lives. They met a couple of weeks after Morrissey joined, in the Three Bells Pub in SL London, so this is an SL London love story right from the start. At the fateful first meeting each was wearing a Ramones tee shirt and that, coupled with the fact that both have the same last name, prompted them to start talking with each other. They discovered they had a lot in common and soon became good friends.

Janis began working at the Underground Club in December 2007 as a host, and then became a DJ in February, 2008. Her first show was called “Punk Attitude” inspired, she said “because I had worked at Sire Records at the height of punk so I loved all that stuff”. At the same time Janis and Morrissey began to get very close, spending time together and learning about each other. Janis observed “we like almost all the same things in real life -the same books, movies, music.... so we just clicked ... we took our time getting to really know each other so good friends for a while”. This changed when a friend who wanted to move on but still had a month rental left offered them his home for the remainder of the lease. This crystallized their relationship. They started talking on mic and according to Morrissey “things progressed”. Janis added “once I heard his voice ... I was a gonner :)”.

The house in which Janis and Morrissey now live is their third house. After the first home they moved to one on the beach, but nothing in it was theirs and people kept walking in, so they decided to find one that offered more privacy and also was, as Janis described it , “an empty canvas to create our own space”. Morrissey found their current one and they moved in.

The day after the move Morrissey proposed to Janis. Janis said “we had no furniture or anything and I was about to do my show at the UGC and was very scattered and he kept saying "would you please try this poseball” and I'd say “in a minute” and he finally said “GET ON THE POSEBALL". Anyway, we were on the webcam at the time and I guess I totally freaked” and in an aside to Morrissey Janis said “didn't I?” to which he responded “yes dear, was quite funny the shock in your face”. Janis continued “I kept saying 'oh my god' and finally he said 'is that a yes?' I was shaking. Then we went off to my show and I told everyone there which was lovely, got to celebrate.” I asked Janis if she remembered the show and she said no, not surprisingly. The engagement took place in May and Janis and Morrissey married in August.

The wedding was “a riot”. It took place on a friend’s land. Janis and Morrissey bought a gazebo with beautiful floating rosepetals. This was SL, so there were the usual problems -the Minister couldn’t rez and had terrible lag. Nevertheless the wedding took place, lag and all. Janis wore a cocktail dress, a gift from Brie and Seany, and Morrissey was in a tuxedo. They were both on webcam at the time, so were together in RL and SL. They decided not to have a traditional wedding, so there was no wedding party, but the emphasis was on the music they both love. Janis named some of the songs played “We played lovely music like Babybird's "If You'll Be Mine" and the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" and our first dance was "Secret Smile" by Semisonic”. The reception was held at their rooftop terrace.

And then in September Janis and Morrissey met up in RL London. I asked Janis how she felt. “I was excited more than nervous we knew so much about each other... I flew through the airport feet never touched the ground... I found him ...looking sweet and nervous :)” Morrissey says he felt “very very nervous and excited, very happy when I saw my beautiful Janis”. The visit was an outstanding success and afterwards, according to Janis “I was only home two weeks when I booked the next ticket”. Janis visited London recently and has the next trip all planned. They talk every day, but, as Janis very understandably says “it's not the same.”

Second Life is a place for all sorts of relationships, but many people are sceptical that serious, long-term ones are possible. I asked Janis and Morrissey about this. The reply was “It's hard work...but so worth it.... it can (work) if you really get to know each other properly and don't rush. For us...Second Life was a vehicle for real life happiness.”

Hibiscus Hastings


Janey Bracken said...

Thanks Hib, this is a really nice story about a lovely couple and I wish Janis and Morrissey all the best for a happy future together!!


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and a blast at the reception. The real emotion of the day came through. Janis and Morrissey are a wonderful couple; their story is very inspiring. You couldn't have chosen a better couple to feature on your page! =)

Clarissa Lowell

Hibiscus said...

Thank you both for your comments. It was a pleasure meeting Janis and Morrissey in their beautiful home, which they created together. They are a great couple and I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to write their story.