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Monday, 6 April 2009

Interview With Guns N Roses SL Band

As you probably know from recent articles in Virtually London (lite), tribute band Guns N Roses are playing in SL Chelsea on the 11th April at 2pm to 4pm (SLT) (10pm till Midnight (GMT)). After contacting the group’s manager, Aten Tomorrow, I managed to catch up with five of the band members for an interview.

The Guns N Roses band arrived at my Office in SL Kensington looking every inch the superstars they portray in their act, they introduced themselves as Esteal Boucher (Axl Rose), TiajaMaja Shan (Steven Adler), Kagnar Beck (Slash), Aten Tomorrow (Duff MacKagan) and Razor Gregan (Izzy Stradlin).

You could tell straight away that these people not only perform in the band in SL, but they are great friends, as they sparked off each other with jokes and quips and enjoyed each others company.

I asked how they got the idea for starting Guns N Roses in SL and Razor told me ‘We were friends before the band.’ They had, in fact first started playing together as another famous group Evanescence. Esteal told me ‘but then the idea of GnR came and we loved (it).’ Esteal continued ‘I’m a huge fan of them in RL so not bad for me.’

I asked them if they were from different parts of the world and Kagnar said ‘Izzy and Axl are Brazil, Duff and me are UK.’ Duff said ‘well only Ste is USA’ I asked them how long they have been together as a band, Esteal said ‘it’s like 6 or more months, yeah it’s been a hard road but we (are) getting bookings more n more now.’

I had seen the band at SL Woodstock a few weeks ago and I asked them if they had enjoyed the gig. Esteal said ‘sweet, was by far our best concert.’ As the sim had been packed out, I asked if they always get such a large crowd and Esteal added ‘most of the time yeah…but that was a really nice night.’

I wanted to know if any of them played in a band in real life, Esteal said ‘Yeahh…me and Razor, we are forming one, with some friends, Razor agreed ‘yeah’ Slash said ‘I do not play in a band in real life’ and Duff said ‘nope.’ I asked if they all liked rock music and Slash said ‘Yes’ ‘Hell ya’ said Duff.

Asking them if they remembered their first gig and if they were nervous, Esteal said ‘I were!’ Razor said ‘yes a lot, hehe,’ Slash added ‘We were but we got over our nerves.’ Slash told me ‘Our first concert as Evanescence was at a club called Crypta.’ He added ‘The audience was big.’ Duff said ‘lag is mega prob(lem) in some sims.’ Duff continued ‘once gig over is fab(ulous) rush, but during I find it stressful’ ‘yeah’ agreed Esteal. Slash said ‘Because of clicking the guitar to bring the menu up’ Razor agreed. Duff added ‘just due to the regular SL Probs.’ Esteal said ‘but it’s nice when ppl (people) are enjoying it.’ Razor told me ‘when we see people shouting and singing makes everything get better :)’

I asked they why they actually swapped from the Evanescence tribute band to Guns N Roses and Duff said ‘blame Est N Raz, It was all their fault.’ Duff said it ‘started as a joke… Razor said ‘since kids we hear Guns n Roses’ Slash joined in ‘I made underpants for them as a joke’ Esteal said ‘well me n Raz are great fans in RL and we told em sometimes.’ TiajaMaja said ‘better songs…and more choices of music’ Duff continued ‘revolving around white underpants!’ Esteal added ‘someday they decided to do it and we all said “wseee” Duff said ‘Est wanted to get away with wearing underpants in front of lots of pple’

I wanted to know if they made their own avatars as they all looked fantastic, Razor said ‘yes we made our avatars’ Duff agreed ‘we sure do make r own.’ When I remarked that they look terrific Duff said ‘lots of ppl have said that’ Esteal said ‘some wanted to marry us’ ‘Yep’ Razor agreed, Duff laughed and Slash laughed his head off!

Regarding the Guns N Roses group, Slash said ‘we started up our own tour.’ I asked if it was hard to do, Slash said ‘yes, we all came up with names for it, but then we decided on one name.’ Duff said, well at first we was not sure how to get gigs.’ Razor continued ‘ we learned with time.’ Esteal said ‘we getting pro now, lol.’ Duff said ‘it helped that we knew pple who own clubs, to start with.’ Slash said ‘We came up with names like The Silver Bullet, The Nighttrain, etc……’ Slash added ‘So we all decided on one name for the tour and that was ‘The Black Rose Tour.’ Slash said ‘We got our own tour bus’ Esteal said ‘bit trashed but ok’

The Guns N Roses band are now very busy playing almost every weekend, Slash said ‘either Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays we do gigs.’ I wanted to know how they felt about playing in SL London next Saturday and Duff said ‘can’t wait to rock London.’ Slash said ‘It feels like I am back in my home town.’ Duff added ‘get Big Ben shakin! London is pretty rock n roll.’ Slash said ‘I think it’s gonna be great’ TiajaMaja said ‘have passport ready to rock!’ Duff added ‘ppl should get themselves to the gig, rock till they drop!’

I’d like to thank the members of the band for coming over to see me before their SL London gig, this looks like a show not to miss!!

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