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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Green Park In SL London

I opened my map this morning and there it was, yet another sim to be added to SL London. It’s entitled Green Park, part of the Royal Parks and a very beautiful part of the real London. The real Green Park is situated close to St Jame’s Park and next to Constitution Hill, Piccadilly and the Broad Walk. When I looked up a bit of it’s history I found that it had been used for duelling until 1667, so I wonder if our SL version will be the place to put dastardly deeds to rest in respect of virtual honours. Could there be muskets at dawn, we will have to wait and see. The real park is a tranquil place where Londoner’s can stroll and enjoy the mature trees and grassland. We will wait and see if any structures will be included in the SL version. I suppose this is a very nice idea, as Hyde Park has become pretty much a very busy place now, where newbies first arrive, and it’s not the oasis it used to be.

Changing the subject a little, I thought I would let you know that your three intrepid reporters have started a sister journal to accompany Virtually London (lite). It’s called Our Virtual Trilogy and it tells of our adventures in the whole of the virtual world, as well as some stories from the London sims. This is purely to run alongside Virtually London (lite) and is slightly different as Pixi, Hibiscus and I report on anything we can find, wacky, sad, startling, gruesome, you name it we will report on it. So while you are reading our very own Virtually London (lite) for the latest London news, have a look at our new blog too, we are already gathering quite an audience!!

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