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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Serina Has a Gesture For All Occasions

We have lots of fine clothes shops and some lovely shoe shops in SL London (Thank Goodness!!) but there is one shop that has opened in Knightsbridge, that is a little bit different to the rest. It’s a shop that sells Second Life ‘gestures’. You know the sort of thing, you are at a party or clubbing and someone puts a really clever little remark in chat and it comes up with cute markings around it and sometimes you get a voice or a song to go with it.

Well Serina Parkin, who has opened the shop, looks like she has filled a gap in the market with this idea. It says in the shop window that Serina will even make gestures to order, so if you have that something special to say in SL, get in touch with Serina and I’m sure she will help you. They aren’t expensive either L$30 to L$40. Good luck Serina with your new business in SL Knightsbridge!!

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