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Monday, 30 March 2009

Preparation for Chelsea Gig

Preparations were going on for the Guns and Roses Tribute Band concert in SL Chelsea yesterday. The gig is planned for the 11 April at 2pm-4pm (SLT) (10pm-Midnight GMT). Busy team members Brie Janick, Seany1235 Blinker, TD Reinard and Clive Hissop were inspecting the platform that they plan to hold the gig on. It is a raised platform, hovering above the Chelsea sim, level with the clock face of Big Ben, which will look quite spectacular, as the clock will make a great backdrop for the group.

Brie and the team were just rezzing the platform to see what needed doing and then they will de-rez it, putting it out of sight until just before the concert. Brie had the good manners of sending a notice around to the Chelsea tenants advising them of the platform’s presence in the sky near Big Ben and why it was there. Not surprisingly some people started to complain in open chat about the platform being there. It turned out that they were not even residents in Chelsea and I think they ought to stand back and just consider how much work the London team do to bring free entertainment to SL London for everyone to enjoy. I am a resident and I think we are privileged to have people who look after us the way the team do. I am sure the concert will be a great success. Brie also has plans to have a Def Leppard gig in the near future, which should also be a great event.

Someone in chat pointed out that people should be away from their computers on the 11 April to demonstrate in real London to coincide with the G20 summit. I’m not to sure if there are real life demonstrations going on that day (the 11th is a Saturday and I think the G20 is over by then), but the gig in SL is not scheduled until 10pm in the evening, so I would imagine that most people would be able to make it.

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Anonymous said...

And it will be live aired on London SIm Radio too.

DJMike Umaga