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Monday, 16 March 2009

New Builds in SL London

I said previously that Debs Regent has shown me a map of her plans for the future SL London, expanding it out to twice the size that it is now. I went over to the new Soho sim to see if anything had been started and I could see straight away that they had been using the tools for flattening the ground, ready to start building. However the most intriguing thing was the surface of the sim, which had been textured with the map of SL London, showing the ideas for the SL Capital’s new borders. If this goes ahead SL London will be huge in comparison with other regions in SL. Areas Victoria, Westminster, Earls Court, Oxford Street, Kensington Gardens, Belgravia, Green Park (including Buckingham Palace), Piccadilly, Bloomsbury (Covent Garden), Notting Hill and Paddington are all mentioned.

Most architects carry their plans around in their briefcases, but not SL architects it seems! Looking over at the large department store with the green shutters, that links the Knightsbridge and Chelsea sims, I spotted a strange object covering the whole of the roof of the store. I flew up for a closer look and there, perched precariously, was a massive plan for the area. I have no idea how long all this will take, but I know it involves a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated people.

I was talking to Manager Seany1235 Blinker who told me that the Underground Club in Knightsbridge is also being rebuilt, not only to make it less laggy, but also to give it a new look. Seany took me to see the new club, (which is being built away from the actual UGC site and will be put in position when finished, something not entirely possible in real life!). There we met the builder, TD Reinard, who is one of SL’s Master Builders, creating some of the finest work in SL London.
Although the interior was still in the planning stage, I got the general idea of what it would be like. There is a raw London feel about the new club, bare brick walls and a darker interior. The stage looked like it had been created by using bits and pieces from a garage, TD had created old scratched oil drums with a board on top to support the music decks, and there was other paraphernalia laying around to give it that urban streets atmosphere, which was really clever. This is only one stage set though, they plan on making a few stage settings to suit any occasion, i.e. Christmas and birthdays, rez days. The windows to the front of the club look good as they can bear images of what ever and who ever they want to display, the images are actually etched into the glass, so this could be used for advertising purposes. Also attached to the club is another room where they could sell stuff associated with the club or use it as a chill coffee bar type area. There are plans for an opening night for the new style club, but no date has been set at the moment.

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