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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cameron's New Look

Hibiscus and I had lots of fun on Wednesday, we had been chased from sim to sim by Seany who was restarting each one to get rid of lag (well Seany wasn’t literally chasing us!!). We ended up in SL Mayfair and stood chatting on the corner, when a newbie, Cameron Forsythe, came up to us to say hello. Cameron who had arrived in Second Life the day before, looked every inch a newbie with his neat haircut and brown shirt.

Cameron proved to be a very interesting person and we had quite a discussion about places of interest to visit in SL. I told Cameron that it was best to change his appearance as soon as possible as there were so many clones of his avatar about in SL. I also pointed out the fact that not everyone gives newbies a welcome throughout the grid and that it was a good reason to improve his appearance. Hibiscus then suggested to Cameron that I liked giving people make-overs, well suppose I do a bit, and I suddenly thought of the Freebie Skins in the Burlington Arcade. With Cameron’s agreement we all went over there so he could pick up his new look.

Cameron picked one of the skins that also had free hair, eyes and clothes all thrown in and I told him to click them to wear them. Silly me, I forgot that it may be boxed and poor Cameron stood there with the box attached. Getting rid of the box, we explained to him that some things have to be opened before they can be worn and Hib found a sandbox so that Cameron could open his stuff.

The skin and hair looked really good on him except that he was very short for a man. Hibiscus told him how to go into 'appearance' and make himself taller, which he did and he looked quite presentable in his new outfit. He told us he was really after a corporate look, wanting to dress more formally. So we explored a few free places and found some business suits in the end, that were just a few dollars. It was a good investment as Cameron looked a million dollars in his new suit. We left him looking around, I hope he found some nice shoes to match.

We told Cameron about the great social life in SL London and the Underground Club where everyone is so friendly. I expect he will come back to the London sims to enjoy some of his time in SL there. So if you see a very well turned out and handsome avatar called Cameron say ‘Hi’ Thanks Cameron, for putting yourself in our hands, you were a good sport!!

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